Aqua basic brush set

Aqua brush set

7 brushes in a practical case, for all your makeup needs!

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Aqua brush set

Aqua brush set

7 brushes in a practical case, for all your makeup needs!

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Seven professional brushes in a practical travel case with a zip-up bag (measures 18 cm x 23 cm when open, about 9 cm x 15 cm when closed). The practicality of a portable set but with tonnes of style!

Everything you need for a complete makeup look. The bristles of these brushes are made from cruelty-free synthetic fibre. The brushes have shiny black, varnished wooden handles, shiny sea-green metal grips, and monochrome or dual-colour bristles, depending on their use.

The case contains:

- Blush Brush
- Long-handled Baby Kabuki
- Baby Blender
- Eyeliner Brush
- Baby Eyebuki
- Small Eyeshadow Brush
- Medium Eyeliner Brush

Uses: mineral and liquid foundations, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, eyeliners.

Application: face, eyes and lips.
Vegetarian & Vegan: no animal nor animal derived ingredients.
Hair type synthetic.
Ferrule made of: Glossy lacquered aluminum.
Handle made of: glossy lacquered wood.
Max. brush lenght: A:11,6 B:12,0 C:11,8 D:11,1 E:10,9 F:11,4 G:11,1 cm
Max. hair lenght: A:3,2 B:3,5 C:1,4 D:0,7 E:1,1 F:1,1 G:1,4 cm
Max. hair width at the base: A:1,7 B:1,7 C:0,8 D:0,7 E:0,7 F:0,6 G:0,7 cm
Max. handle width: A:1,5 B:1,9 C:0,5 D:0,6 E:0,8 F:0,6 G:0,7 cm
Cruelty-free: No animal has been used for the development and production of this item.

The secret for perfect blending and a beautiful skin? Cleaning the makeup brushes at least once a week. Our brushes do not need any specific cleanser, and can be easily washed using lukewarm water and mild soap.

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