Glow from within!

Sheer satin rose highlighting effect.
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Satin highlighter with a luminous gold shimmer.
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Sculpt your features without surgery using highlighting and contouring
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Transparent golden white with a soft satin finish.
Pale salmon pink with pinky shimmers.
Splendidly sparkling ivory white with shimmers of sunlight.
Transparent crystals with vibrant fuchsia pink shimmers.
Glittering silvery white, a transparent treasure.
Crystal with golden shimmers of sunlight.
Transparent ice with azure-blue shimmers: cold, glittering light.
Very pale pink with a velvety satin sheen and cold undertones.
Transparent luminous powder with a subtle golden satin finish.
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Delightfully delicate and velvety mineral powder.
12,90 €
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Shimmering silvery white.
Extremely pale butter-colour with a satin sheen.
Cream-coloured illuminating powder with a satin sheen.
Ochre yellow duochrome with pink shimmers.
Cognac orange-colored highlighter with light coral pink shimmers.
Peachy pink with satin sheen eyeshadow, perfect for eyes and cheeks.
Warm dusty rose with pearly reflections. 
Transparent highlighter with wisteria-colored shimmers.
Duochrome with clear base and gold, rose and peach highlights.
Transparent duochrome with golden green shimmer crystals. 
Illuminating cream-coloured eye biopencil with a satin finish.
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