Lippini Decorative Lip Balm

Lippini decorative lip balm

Tinted lip balms made for giving your lips a color, sensory, care and protection experience. A real call to (kissing) action!
Cocoa butter, sunflower wax and shea butter melt into a nourishing yet light paste, that glides on and is never sticky. Lippini are perfect if you’re after a natural look with a pop of color and heaps of hydration. Lippini are all vegan.

Intensifying lip balm
Nourishing and energizing lip balm
Volumizing and refreshing lip balm
Nourishing and revitalizing lip balm
Invigorating perfecting lip balm
Brightening and nourishing lip balm
Softening and smoothing lip balm
Antiaging and intensifying lip balm.
Perfecting and protecting lip balm.
Highlighting and soothing lip balm
Smoothing and softening lip balm
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