The primer specially designed for powder makeup: it enhances the adhesion and performance of the pigments, making them extra vibrant!
Perfect for makeup artists and anyone who wants to maximize the effect and durability of powder eyeshadows.

- highly concentrated formula.
- transparent gel texture that adapts to any color.
- works with both loose powders and pressed pigments.
- its waterless and elastic formula encapsulates the pigments, enhancing their reflectiveness.
- no drying time: it only sets when mixed with pigments.
- rich in structuring agents of plant origin.
- made in Italy and vegan.

Spread a very small amount of product on the eyelid and then apply your eyeshadow powder by tapping it gently to trap the pigments into the layer of Sticky Colla until you get a full, intense color that's dry to the touch. If necessary, blend the outer edges with a soft brush.
You can also take a small amount of product on a palette and mix it directly with the pigments to create a cream eyeshadow.
Sticky Colla can be used both with a brush and with clean fingers.

Eye primer for extreme color effects.
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