Minimal Magical Collection

Minimal Magical collection

Classic, elegant… and totally unpredictable! It’s Minimal Magical: the collection of makeup staples revisited by Neve Cosmetics. Comfort-zone shades you put on without a second thought, that are good with every outfit, in any season and for all skin tones. The makeup equivalent of the little black dress, with an extra pinch of magic! Makeup must-haves, made unique by an unexpected twist. The beige eyeshadow? Yes, but with duochrome pink shimmers. The brown one? It’s super rich, with a tobacco undertone and subtle brass shimmers. Deep ruby red lips? Sure, but with a mesmerizing vinyl finish! The ‘rosy flush’ blush? It’s matte and with a lilac undertone, of course! Minimal Magical is the collection for those who can pull off a type of elegance that is timeless yet never boring.

Tobacco brown pressed eyeshadow with duochrome brass shimmers. 
Light hazelnut beige pressed eyeshadow with dusty rose shimmers. 
Cold rosy blush with magic powers!
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Sold out
Full-coverage, deep ruby red glossy lip color with a vinyl finish.
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