business Class Collection 

Business Class Collection

Business/Class Collection
Heels clicking on sidewalk tarmac.
The scent of coffee and ambition in the air.
Intelligence hand in hand with creative energy.
Business/Class collection redesigns the nine-to-five look with a selection of lip and eye pencils in easy yet unforgettable shades.
Eyes light up with avant-garde grays, iconic lips set the mood.Soft contrasts and correcting shades enriched with a spark of innovative frenzy... because elegance should never be boring.

Powerful fluorescent red.
Medium rosy caramel with dark nutty undertones.
Deep satin smoke gray, green, lilac, or beige undertone.
Warm light gray, extra opaque and blendable.
A neutral shade with a champagne undertone.
Bundle of all the five shades of the collection
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