Neve Cosmetics

a young Italian cosmetics company, independent and creative.

‘Neve’ is the italian for ’snow’. All snowflakes are different, and they are equally beautiful. So are people. To us beauty is the pure magic that enhances everyone’s uniqueness.
Our company was founded in 2009 near Turin, between hills and the vista of the Alps. Thanks to the best Italian professionals and an artistic director in love with colour, we invent and create innovative natural mineral cosmetics. Our production philosophy is based on the desire to create effective, colourful, creative, and luscious products, while still using simple, clean formulas and keeping to our cruelty-free code of ethics.

Our philosophy can be summed up in a few simple points:

Fall in love with colour.

Colour reflects your personality. That's the reason we love it so much. What colour are you thinking of? If we haven't created it yet, then we are about to.

Natural, not ordinary!

Ethics does not preclude the aesthetics. Our cosmetics are fresh and colourful, a delight for the eyes and for all the senses!

You can’t fake creativity.

We are nobody’s dupe. In a world of copycats we are proud to offer only authentic creations. Others may copy us (and that’s flattering) but we got there first.

The importance of being cruelty-free.

We do not test on animals (nor do we commission tests from third parties). We have never done it and we never will.
This is why we mainly produce vegetarian and vegan products and all our amazingly soft brushes are completely free of animal bristles.

No rubbish!

We use only high quality ingredients. No silicones, no parabens, no petrolatum. You can see and feel the difference.

Nothing to hide.

We are proud of the ingredients of our products. All the ingredients of our cosmetics can also be looked up online on our website. Read them: you'll see why we don't hide them.

A Heart of Neve.

Our beauty has a soul. We support animal shelters and non-profit organizations that save ill-fated animals and help people in need.
Find out more on Cuore di Neve no-profit project here.