Neve Cosmetics

The art of beauty

We live and breathe art: for us happiness is transforming emotions into something real. Inspirations are endless as is our urge to create.

In love with colour

Color is magic and character, that's why we love it! What color are you thinking of? If we haven't invented it yet, it means we're about to.

Delicately glamorous

We create magical and colorful cosmetics, but always with respect for the skin. This is why we prefer vegetable ingredients and luxurious but delicate formulas.

True creativity

In a world of copycats and dupes, we are proud to offer authentic creations. Others try to copy us, never the other way around.

Lightweight elegance

Let's not complicate things. We avoid secondary packs and useless wrapping, our design aspires to combine sustainability and style.

Cruelty-free by choice

We have always been, long before it became mandatory by law. Love for animals is the fundation of all our choices: all our cosmetics are cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan.

A Heart of Neve

Our beauty is soul-deep! We support wonderful charities that take care of unfortunate animals and people in need. Discover the project here.


Our company was born in 2009 in the Piemonte region, between the hills around Turin and the view of the Alps.
We are called Neve Cosmetics because for us beauty is something delicate, magical, and unique: each snowflake may be different from the other but they are all equally splendid