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Artdiary palettes A style diary to turn dreams into makeup, a handbag sized experience of elegance and color. It looks like a cute organizer, but contains an explosion of compact shades and a huge mirror: all you need to create authentic face art.
Ristretto Concealer super concentrated with coffee oil Essential to appear fresh and rested, concentrated, and rich in caffeine. It is not espresso, it's... the first Neve Cosmetics liquid concealer! Coffee seed oil and concentrated mineral pigments in the formula help hide signs of fatigue and stress all day long. Forget ordinary concealers that require many layers of product: a single drop of Ristretto Concealer is enough to cover both dark circles in an instant, even less is enough for spots and small imperfections. Texture High coverage and super pigmented, sets perfectly while remaining elastic and comfortable on the skin. Formula Fragrance-free, made in Italy, and vegan! Contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, coffee oil, and mineral pigments. Shade range Seven shades designed to adapt to every undertone: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Rich, and Deep. Packaging Compact and elegant, with a precision applicator to target even the smallest of discolorations.
Pastello eyeliner The super-blendable, multi-use eye pencil.
Pastello Lipcolor Un rossetto preciso come una matita. Formula vegana a base di preziosi olii e cere vegetali. Si usa sia per definire il contorno delle labbra che per riempirne l'intera superficie con colore pieno, coprente e confortevole.
Gli Arcobaleni got a makeover! #Holographic Packaging /  New durable yet lightweight packaging, with a smart magnetic closure. Light /  Holographic lilac color-shifting finish that reverberates creating mesmerizing rainbow reflections. Environment /  Cardboard packaging, infinitely reusable. Less plastic, more sustainability. Quality /  Neve Cosmetics' famous formula and performance has not changed: it just got a new look.
Dessert à Lèvres "Sugar Matte Texture" Powdered sugar on the lips A new formula of extra matte, opaque and velvety Dessert à Lèvres lipsticks that feel like a light dusting of icing sugar on the lips: that's why they are called Sugar Matte! Their elegant finish amplifies the lips' shape, enhancing their natural sensuality. All the shades are inspired by scrumptious Italian desserts: Meringata, Cornetto, Pastiera, Crostata, Cannolo, and Tiramisù. Impossible not to be tempted...
New Dessert à Lèvres formula "Sweet Sorbetto texture" The lipstick-treatment with a unique sensoriality. A formula designed to 'melt' on the lips like a popsicle, creating a light, fresh and delicately glossed film of color. The lips are immediately nourished and enveloped in a feeling of hydration and softness never experienced before. The key ingredients in this formula are emollients and moisturizers derived from coconut, sugar, jojoba oil, argan, watermelon, American cranberry and prickly pear. Dessert à Lèvres in Sweet Sorbetto texture have a spf 20 and is perfect for summer! The four sweet shades are inspired by the flavors of italian granita: watermelon (anguria), melon (melone), mulberry (gelso) and almond (mandorla).
Dessert à Levres: color has never been yummier Doing your lips is usually the sweetest and most sensual part of the makeup. Dessert à Lèvres is a cuddle in the shape of a lippie, a color feast in its most comfortable and buttery-soft version, a true pigment cream! What’s the secret? Lots of wholesome ingredients and a delicate smell of freshly baked treats, making the application a moment of pure bliss. A vegetarian, vegan, petrolatum/paraben/silicone-free formula, pampering the lips with a melting, full-bodied and intense finish. A creamy, concentrated texture, delivering a full and vibrant color in a single swipe. Each and every shade of Dessert à Lèvres is inspired by a different patisserie specialty.
Star System foundation Star System is the revisitation of a classic in the history of motion picture makeup, the Hollywood pan-cake makeup. The rich and extra-matte formula of the pancake makeup made the complexion of the divas look flawless even under the most unforgiving stage lights. Neve Cosmetics brings it back in a modern version that is vegan, petrolatum-silicone-paraben-free, and super quick to apply, thanks to the handy stick with a built-in sponge. For a superstar skin in all situations, as much in the spotlight as in everyday life. An exclusive formula enriched with rice bran wax, baobab oil and olive oil, for enhanced skin tone and protection. This results in a sublime texture, ensuring full coverage while being extraordinarily light and easy to blend, and an extremely even, velvet-matte finish. Star System is water resistant, but can be easily removed with the most gentle face cleanser. Apply Star System by gliding the stick directly over your face. You can then smooth it out using a blending sponge, a foundation brush, your fingers, or the sponge included in the pack. A thin film of Star System is enough to get extreme coverage, but it can be layered as desired. You can apply different shades and blend them directly on the face to get a subtle contouring.
Special Effects Texturixer Solid powders-primers: Choose the skin you want! - MUSE / Goodbye grease and pores, welcome matte and smooth skin. - PREMIÈRE / Warms the skintone and blurs dark circles, for a fresh and rested face. - MATINÉE / Sheer, translucent satin rose highlighting effect. - STAGED / Satin highlighter with a luminous, three-dimensional gold duochrome shimmer.
Bronzer Star System Special Effects The face sticks that emulate the warm glow of the healthiest tan and the fascinating shadows of professional contouring. - SAVANNAH Light caramel brown bronzer with a velvety matte finish. Delicately golden, universal and extra matte. - CUBADIVING Light peach brown bronzer with a velvety finish. The caribbean warmth of a sunny, rosy tint that looks natural even on the fairest complexions . - MAGYPTIAN A magic bronzer/highlighter hybrid! Dark brown sugar shimmer with warm gold reflections. For authentic sun-worshippers: the color of suntan together with the brightness of summer light. - SCULPTRESS Neutral cold brown contouring shadow. The universal colour at the base of every complexion. Matte finish and infinitely buildable texture, to sculpt discreet and realistic shadows.
New special effects for healthy and velvety cheeks! Rich, smooth, buildable and featuring all the colors of happiness. They are used on the cheeks but also on the eyelids and lips for a fresh and bright look. - STROBEBERRY : Strobe + Strawberry. A dancing strawberry, a cruise in the future, a new way to blush! Orange coral matte blush, made unique by a light cool fuchsia duochrome satin finish. - ELDAFLOWER  : Elda + Flower. A style icon. A string of pearls, a bouquet of flowers, a movie star smile. Rosy-beige mauve blush  with a velvety finish. Pure elegance. - CANDYFLOSSOPHY : Candyfloss + Philosophy. Lightness is a virtue! Sweet dark pink blush balanced by a sober brass satin sheen. The color of conscious naivety, of intelligence having fun. - BLOOMERANG  : Bloom + Boomerang Dark pomegranate red. Matte, vital and deep. Its transparency makes it buildable and extremely natural, even on the darkest complexions.
Lippini decorative lip balm Tinted lip balms made for giving your lips a color, sensory, care and protection experience. A real call to (kissing) action! Cocoa butter, sunflower wax and shea butter melt into a nourishing yet light paste, that glides on and is never sticky. Lippini are perfect if you’re after a natural look with a pop of color and heaps of hydration. Lippini are all vegan.
Long, thick, sexy lashes… naturally!
Brow Model, perfect eyebrows The full and impeccable eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of, in the blink of an eye. Lack of time is no excuse with Brow Model: here’s the first multi-tasking brow product to groom, color, fill in and define your arches.  Brow Model by Neve Cosmetics is vegan and petrolatum, paraben and silicone free. Its exclusive formula contains: - natural waxes to condition and protect the hairs whilst holding them in place. - natural pigments to color the hairs and fill in the sparse areas, for a natural and fuller look. Apply Brow Model by holding the wand parallel to the skin and comb through the eyebrows with light strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Apply with an angled brush if you are looking for a more graphic result. Brow Model lasts all day, but can be easily removed with your regular face cleanser.
Manga Brows The double-ended pencil for naturally definied eyebrows.
Flat Perfection foundations and powders Natural smoothing pressed powders.
Neve Cosmetics VERNISSAGE
Neve Cosmetics Vernissage
Truccominerale Neve Cosmetics 100% mineral pure, professional makeup.  Few ingredients, maximum tolerability.  L ight on your face that you don't "feel".
InkMe Eyeliners An intense and clear-cut mark, the highest expression of personality. A deep matte finish, as opaque as ink on paper. A flexible applicator that is both easy to use and extremely precise. This is InkMe by Neve Cosmetics. A revolutionary water-based formula, quick to put on and to take off. No petrolatum, silicones, parabens or acrylates: only the best vegan and vegetarian ingredients. The InkMe colors are inspired by the Ancient Egypt, where the original natural eyeliner was born.
Blush Garden A blush with the shape of a perpetual rose flower, symbol of love and beauty.
Creamy Comfort liquid foundation Naturalness à porter. The creamy and moisturizing foundation that will conquer your heart day after day.
Perfettina For perfectly defined lips.
DueBaci Two kisses! Lip pencil + lipstick to create stunning ‘ombre lips’
Nascondino Double Precision Concealer Hiding imperfections can be fun! There are many types of imperfections, each one needing a specific approach. That is why Nascondino… split in two! Neve Cosmetics Nascondino Double Precision Concealer is a double-ended correcting pencil for a perfect face all round. Two different shades, tip sizes and textures for a two-in-one product: - Creamy coverage pencil: a soft tip, a creamy and smooth formula and a warm shade, perfect to conceal dark circles and to even out the eye area. It blends easily even with fingers. - Total Accuracy pencil: a pointy tip devised for precision work, a compact texture, a matte finish: it comes in a slightly colder shade and is specifically formulated to cover up tiny blemishes, dark spots and pimple marks. The formula of Nascondino Double Precision is enriched with skin-specific active ingredients such as the skin enhancing Ceramide 3, the protective, antioxidant Gamma Oryzanol, and Aloe Extract for skin repair.
Le Metamorfosi Making an eyeliner out of an eyeshadow? Rugiada per Makeup. Creating the lipstick shade we always dreamed of? Nettare per Labbra. Making the pigments liquid? Setting the makeup? Nebbia fissante. The Le Metamorfosi line by Neve Cosmetics is back with a brand new look.
Perfecting silicone-free primers.