All eyes on you!

Shimmering grape purple.
Rich fuchsia purple with warm undertones.
Deep sea blue with green undertones.
Bright primary blue with a satin sheen.
Intense turquoise with a satin sheen.
Meadow green with a satin sheen.
Completely matte bright acid green.
Vivid taxi yellow with a matte finish.
Bright matte orangey red. Perfect for "heating up" dull colours.
Intense watermelon red with a velvety finish.
Elegant bright fuchsia with a satin sheen.
Intense warm coppery duochrome with a pink glow.
Warm grey with violet undertones. To intensify any makeup with style.
Smokey grey-blue. The perfect cold neutral shade.
Shimmering silvery white.
Magic antique pink duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Sophisticated and luminous shimmering cold gold/beige.
Pale platinum lime green.
Pale cerulean blue duochrome with light green shimmers.
Dense, dark emerald green.
Elegant, bronzey army green.
Duochrome dark tobacco brown with green shimmers.
Intense grey duochrome with bronze satin sheen.
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Chocolate colour with a velvety finish.
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