All eyes on you!

Transparent ice with azure-blue shimmers: cold, glittering light.
Transparent crystals with gold, orange coral and fuchsia reflections.
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Light and velvety sequoia redwood shade.
Transparent highlighter with wisteria-colored shimmers.
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Metallic and magnetic burgundy.
Matte gray with taupe undertone.
Evanescent pastel mauve shade.
Mineral silver shade with a subtle mauve undertone.
Desaturated deep brown shade with bronze reflects.
Duochrome with clear base and gold, rose and peach highlights.
Duochrome with a hot pink base and neon lavender interferences.
Bright copper with mustard undertone.
Light canary yellow, matte, impalpable finish.
Khaki-green shimmer with light bronze reflects.
Creamy black with anthracite gray satin sheen.
Black duochrome with bright blue shimmer.
Bronze with burgundy undertone, golden shimmer and green glints.
Intense matte dark yellow ocher.
Cold pink beige, velvety finish. 
7,90 €
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Transparent duochrome with golden green shimmer crystals. 
Dark grey with lilac-rosy shimmers. 
Intense, velvety cobalt blue with azure shimmers. 
Tobacco brown pressed eyeshadow with duochrome brass shimmers. 
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