All eyes on you!

Intense petrol blue duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Pale brown with a green base and coral pink shimmers.
Cold brown duochrome with lilac shimmers and a satin finish.
Pink brown with coppery shimmers, brings out any eye colour.
Golden brown bordeaux with orange and acid green shimmers.
Bright red with coppery undertones and strawberry red shimmers.
Intense copper with a sparkling finish.
Warm yellow glittery mineral shade with salmon pink interferences. 
Shimmering, luminous gold with amber undertones.
Splendidly sparkling ivory white with shimmers of sunlight.
Luminous and delicate very pale beige with a satiny texture.
Transparent golden white with a soft satin finish.
Glittering silvery white, a transparent treasure.
Transparent crystal powder with exotic lime green shimmers.
Crystal with golden shimmers of sunlight.
Transparent ice with azure-blue shimmers: cold, glittering light.
Smokey teal with a warm lilac satin finish and orangey sparkles.
Transparent crystals with gold, orange coral and fuchsia reflections.
Transparent sepia black duochrome with turquoise-green shimmer.
Orange duochrome with golden green satin finish.
Deep lilac duochrome with light green shimmer.
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Dark coral with silver and pink shimmers.
Light and velvety sequoia redwood shade.
Transparent highlighter with wisteria-colored shimmers.
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