We all have a heart of Neve...

We all have a heart of snow (yes, Neve is the italian for snow!)…A heart that melts for important causes, that makes us believe, that makes us love.
Cuore di Neve is the non-profit side of Neve Cosmetics: to us inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty!

In the last years we succeeded to donate more than 140000 Euros, a relevant goal, a real record for an independent company like ours.
By choosing Neve Cosmetics, you are helping us to support these great little initiatives. So thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!

Cuore di Neve per gli animali
We love animals, (as you might have guessed!)

It’s pretty clear from our cruelty-free philosophy and the fact that many of our creations are inspired by nature’s beauty. We love animals, and we want them to be happy and safe.
Cuore di Neve initiative is aimed to take care of those unlucky animals that had no chance to get the love and care they deserve. Every year we help Italian non-profit associations that care about the fate of those poor creatures. The most of these non-profit associations have been chosen thanks to your advice, and this time we would like to recommend them to you in case you're looking for a four-legged friend for life!

Febbraio 2023: 10.000 euros donated to following assotiations:
Micio Villaggio Odv (TO)
Rifugio Hope Organizzazione di volontariato (AG)
Micetti di Brindisi Odv (BR)
Arca di Noé (PU)
Animal welfare ODV (RM)

April 2022: 10,000 euros donated to:
Le Sfigatte for the creation of the feline refuge in Gassino (TO)

February 2021: 10.000 Euros donated to following assotiations:
Associazione Parco animalista (TO)
- Nidia ODV (MI)
La casa di AXEL (RE)
Centro recupero Tartarughe Brancaleone (RC)
Centro recupero ricci La Ninna (CN)

February 2020: 10.000 Euros donated to following assotiations:
Lega Italiana per la Difesa del Gatto (TO)
- Una Luce Fuori dal Lger (VA)
Dimensione Animale (BG)
Un Atto d'Amore Onlus (VI)
Associazione Borgo a 4 Zampe Onlus (BN)

January 2019: 12.500 Euros donated to following assotiations:
EZ's Place - Rifugio del Cavallo Onlus (PN) 
Cat Village Onlus (VA)
Le AristoGatte Onlus (CT)
Ata Versilia Onlus - Rifugio "I Mìciottoli" (LU)

January 2018: 12.500  Euros donated to following assotiations:
Associazione Rifugio Miao - Orbassano (TO)
Associazione Gattorandagio Onlus - Mantova (MN)
Associazione Tribù Animale - Verona (VR)
Effetto Palla - Per gli animali di nessuno Onlus - Oristano (OR)
Associazione Protezione Animali Mabello Onlus - Avellino (AV)

January 2017: 12.500  Euros donated to following assotiations:
Associazione L.i.d.a. - Parco delle Fusa di Chieri (TO)
Oasi dei Mici Felici Onlus di Genova (GE)
Associazione Melampo Onlus di Fano (PU)
Associazione L.i.d.a. Onlus di Olbia (OT)
Associazione Onlus Dacci una Zampa di Reggio Calabria (RC)

February 2016: #NevePersonality Project
Every month, a different youtuber uploaded on their channel, a make up tutorial video using our products. Watch them and be inspired by their fantasy!
Neve Cosmetics is donated 500,00 Eusor to Onlus associations involved in animals protection, choosen by each youtuber taking part in this initiative. To inaugurate this new project, we have included a video tutorial of the beautiful @MakeupDelight, whose donation went to Oipa Palermo. During the year, the organizations that benefited from our donations are the following: Oipa Italiana Onlus -Sezione Palermo (scelta da MakeupDelight), Associazione P.A.N.D.A. Onlus (choosen by Mikeligna), Lipu Onlus (choosen by GloriaFair), Associazione Onlus Tom e Gerry (choosen by CherylPandemonium), E.n.p.a. ente Protezione animali (choosen by GemminaMakeUp), L'Arca di Rita Onlus (choosen by IlaMakeUp02), M.P.A.A. Onlus (choosen by SweetBeauty1990), Associazione Volontariato per la Tutela dei Gatti (choosen by Bianca Sparkles).

January 2016: 12.500 Euros donated to following assotiations:
AmiConiglio Onlus di Roma (RM)
Associazione Le Sfigatte Onlus di Torino (TO)
Associazione Canili Lazio di Roma (RM)
Gattonero Onlus di Reggio Calabria (RC) 
Sos Levrieri di Milano (MI)

September 2015: 71 Makeup Delight palettes, signed by makeup artist and Youtube guru Giuliana Arcarese have been sold during the celabration of our seventh birthday. The full amount collected, 1770.34 euros, has been donated to ENPA doghouse of Turin.

January 2015: 12.500 Euros donated to animals in need housed at:
Amici del Gattile Onlus di Treviglio (BG) 
Save the Dogs and Other Animals Onlus di Milano (MI)
Associazione Protezione Animali Carpigiana di Carpi (MO)
Il Rifugio degli Asinelli di Sala Biellese (BI)
Oasi del Randagio Onlus di Mascali (CT)

Click here for the reports received by the associations on how they used  the donations received.

January 2014: 12.500 Euros donated to animals in need housed at:
Gattolandia Onlus di Monza (MB)
MiciAmici Onlus di Mortara (PV)
Lega Italiana dei Diritti dell'Animale di Olbia (OT)
Amici degli Animali Onlus di Gonnosfandiga (CA) 
Aronne Onlus di Agrigento (AG)

January 2013: 10.000 Euros donated to animals in need housed at:
Canile E.N.P.A. di Torino (TO)
Il gattile Amico Gatto Onlus di Genova (GE)
L’associazione La Collina dei Conigli di Monza (MB)
Rifugio Ramondetti Cassardo di Trofarello (TO)

We would like to thank all Neve Cosmetics customers who, by choosing our products, have made this initiative possible, allowing us to really help dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents in need.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

But that's not all:

Cuore di Neve's aim is to make a donation every year to other Italian non-profit associations that, like us, care about the fate of less fortunate animals.
Do you know any? Would you like to recommend one you care about? If so write us at cuoredineve[@]nevecosmetics.it .
Your suggestions will be welcome.
It was thanks to your support and your preference for our brand that we were able to launch this initiative, so it's all thanks to you! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Cuore di Neve per gli animali
For the people.

We support the the Verba association's Ben-Essere project through on-going donations of products and makeup accessories. This project is based in Turin and helps cancer patients affected with cancer or disabilities to reclaim their own identities and their own beauty through makeup.

April 2020 - "Rise & Shine Initiative" (+info)
Neve Cosmetics has offered for sale at a symbolic price of only €6 two makeup kits with a commercial value of €22.50. In just 6 days 2055 have been sold, more than €10,000 were donated to the Italian Civil Protection for its fight against Covid-19. A fantastic result.

March 2020 - Initiative "Il rosso dona a tutti" (+info)
Our company proposed the best-selling Cherry Pie lipstick at the symbolic price of €2 (instead of € 12.90) and donated the entire proceeds to four Italian hospitals fighting against Coronavirus.
In just a few days, 4,931 lipsticks were sold and almost €10,000 were donated to:
- Lombardy Regionfor Coronavirus emergency support
- Local Health Unit of Reggio Emilia
- Caserta Local Health Authority
- Provincial Health Authority of Ragusa

Since January 2016 Neve Cosmetics is supporting the project “Salute allo Specchio” promoted by Ospedale San Raffaele of Milan, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele and the Association Volontari Ospedalieri of Segrate Onlus. Aim of the project is to provide human and psychological support to patients undergoing cancer treatments. The main objective is to improve the patients’ global well-being and quality of life by organizing meetings with other patients who are having the same experience and facing the same difficulties.

Since November 2013 Neve Cosmetics is proud to sponsor "Come star meglio con un trucco", the amazing initiative dedicated to women undergoing chemo, radiotherapy with WALCE Onlus.

In June 2013, we stepped up our involvement in this cause by setting up the Duochrome for Love initiative, a charity auction the entire proceeds of which went to the Verba association to support people in need.

By choosing Neve Cosmetics, you are helping us to support these great little initiatives. So thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!