Aeolian Summer Collection

Aeolian Summer, a collection made of sea and sun

Eternal islands, natural gems throbbing with inner life. Ancient drops of Sicily emerged from the bluest of seas.
The Aeolian islands in the summer are music and silence, bright nights and cobalt-blue days.
The friendly embrace of the wind, the murmur of the sea waves. The sun’s kisses on water and skin.
Aeolian Summer is the summer collection by Neve Cosmetics, dressing eyes and lips with reflections from the islands.

Dark grey with lilac-rosy shimmers. 
Intense, velvety cobalt blue with azure shimmers. 
Black duochrome with indigo satin.
Bubbly periwinkle blue with silver white shimmers.
The clearest shimmer platinum.
Transparent rose gloss with a thousand golden shimmers.
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