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Metal Amnesia collection

Dazzling Tumbaga from the Americas, mythical Corinthian Bronze, mysterious Shakudo ... The precious metal alloys of the ancient past, now extinct or hidden in remote museum rooms.
Metal Amnesia is an artistic / archaeological project that recreates the colors of ancient metals as a form of makeup, giving them a new, shiny life.
The eyeshadows of the Metal Amnesia by Neve Cosmetics collection have a new formula, created to enhance every single reflection with a malleable and evanescent texture: a crossover between loose powder and mousse, soft to the touch and sparkling in the light.

Warm black with gold and copper reflections and polychrome interferences.
Blend of gold and silver, with bright silver reflections and deep beige/gold undertone.
Shiny bronzed copper with salmon rose reflections.
Warm gray-black with metallic reflections.
Bright gold with an intense honey colored base and incandescent reflections.
Transparent smoky bronze with lilac silver reflections.
Sparkling silver with indigo undertones and icy reflections.
Bronze with warm green undertones and antique gold reflections.
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