An endless instant of wonder. The light shifts as the sun goes down. Silently, stars start to show up. Underfoot, hot sand is already cooling while that ancestral mystery dividing sunset from dawn starts permeating the air. In our language we call it: night. Change with the light, shine in the dark. Notturno Desert, the most mystical mineral collection ever.
business Class Collection
Business/Class Collection Heels clicking on sidewalk tarmac. The scent of coffee and ambition in the air. Intelligence hand in hand with creative energy. Business/Class collection redesigns the nine-to-five look with a selection of lip and eye pencils in easy yet unforgettable shades. Eyes light up with avant-garde grays, iconic lips set the mood.Soft contrasts and correcting shades enriched with a spark of innovative frenzy... because elegance should never be boring.
Metal Amnesia collection Dazzling Tumbaga from the Americas, mythical Corinthian Bronze, mysterious Shakudo ... The precious metal alloys of the ancient past, now extinct or hidden in remote museum rooms. Metal Amnesia is an artistic / archaeological project that recreates the colors of ancient metals as a form of makeup, giving them a new, shiny life. The eyeshadows of the Metal Amnesia by Neve Cosmetics collection have a new formula, created to enhance every single reflection with a malleable and evanescent texture: a crossover between loose powder and mousse, soft to the touch and sparkling in the light.
La Vie en Dark Parisian elegance, cosmic rebellion. Refined look, indolent attitude. Nouvelle vague and generational shock. La vie en dark is ... a way of being! The new Neve Cosmetics collection invents an eclectic and mysterious style, fiercely opposing everything ordinary. A collection of four precision lipsticks in crayon shape, with an absolute matte finish and surprisingly lasting performance. The shades of La Vie En Dark explore new alternatives to the common black lipstick. For the most stylish rebels ever. Closing Time / Cold dark brown with yellow undertones. Rainy Days / Dark desaturated smokey purple with anthracite undertone. Stay At Home / Very dark burgundy brown with a warm undertone. Not Today / Darkest neutral minimal brown. All colors can also be used on eyes and eyebrows for magnetic total looks.
Sparkling ’67 Collection The summer of love: inner peace and universal chaos, the sixties and the future, the stars and the flowers! Sparkling ’67 is the makeup collection inspired by California's most rebellious and colorful years. Glitter, sparkles, reflections and psychedelic colors to be enjoyed in total freedom! The collection, which includes six eye shadows and two glosses, sees the debut of three new vegetarian and vegan textures. creamgleam texture translucent pressed color with iridescent reflections depending on the light angle. crystallize texture matte pressed powder with high contrast color crystal reflections. psychedelicious texture crystalline lip gloss with shimmering holographic reflections, enriched with a fresh fruity aroma. All shades and the exclusive collection box are limited edition.
newDElicious collection
newDElicious collection (new+nude+delicious) Six new shades of Dessert à Lèvres inspired by the sensual nuances of chocolate, custard and freshly baked sweets. Six delicious, elegant yet unexpected nudes.
SuperHeroine collection Neve Cosmetics presents the SuperHeroine Collection: three precision lipsticks inspired by the imagery of American comics. Colours with an extremely graphic impact, which amplify the expressiveness of the lips making them protagonists. ... because it is our smile that turns us into superheroes! The collection includes three Pastel Precise Lipstick in a limited edition case. The image of the collection was specifically designed by comic artist Sara Pichelli, who created the SuperHeroine character by interpreting the colours of the three lipsticks.
Rebel Epoque Collection What does the Parisian Belle Epoque have in common with London’s Punk Scene? Irreverence, nonconformism, a desire to shock and an unrestrained lust for nightlife. Neve Cosmetics presents Rebel Epoque, the makeup collection that celebrates a vicious and insubordinate kind of beauty. The transgressive saturations, contrasts and shimmers of the collection are a shout-out to both the raucous sound of the Sex Pistols and the frantic rhythm of French Cancan. It’s a new aesthetic, questioning certainties and reversing dogmas in the name of an ambiguous, cross-sectional, unforgettable kind of beauty. Rebel Epoque consists of three Pastello Occhi, an eyeshadow, an highlighter and a pressed blush, three Pastello Lipcolor, and two Vernissage inspired by the dynamism of Toulouse-Lautrec’s works.
Minimal Magical collection Classic, elegant… and totally unpredictable! It’s Minimal Magical: the collection of makeup staples revisited by Neve Cosmetics. Comfort-zone shades you put on without a second thought, that are good with every outfit, in any season and for all skin tones. The makeup equivalent of the little black dress, with an extra pinch of magic! Makeup must-haves, made unique by an unexpected twist. The beige eyeshadow? Yes, but with duochrome pink shimmers. The brown one? It’s super rich, with a tobacco undertone and subtle brass shimmers. Deep ruby red lips? Sure, but with a mesmerizing vinyl finish! The ‘rosy flush’ blush? It’s matte and with a lilac undertone, of course! Minimal Magical is the collection for those who can pull off a type of elegance that is timeless yet never boring.
Aeolian Summer, a collection made of sea and sun Eternal islands, natural gems throbbing with inner life. Ancient drops of Sicily emerged from the bluest of seas. The Aeolian islands in the summer are music and silence, bright nights and cobalt-blue days. The friendly embrace of the wind, the murmur of the sea waves. The sun’s kisses on water and skin. Aeolian Summer is the summer collection by Neve Cosmetics, dressing eyes and lips with reflections from the islands.
Tea Time collection By Neve Cosmetics The colors of the early-blooming flowers, the enchantment of tea time. The new spring collection by Neve Cosmetics is a picnic of romantic and playful shades. On the eyes, the green reflections of the tea leaves go hand in hand with the warm browns of the most intense and aromatic blends. Pink hues as glowing as sugar candies adorn the cheeks, the lips are glazed with tints straight out from Wonderland. Makeup becomes a magical moment, midway between dream and reality.
A completely new makeup experience. Hot pink handles glowing like neon flowers, bristles as white and fluffy as baby bunnies... The new Neve Cosmetics brushes are a shock to the eyes and a sublime cuddle for the face. The snow-white bristles of the Azalea Brushes set a brand new softness standard in the field of vegan and cruelty-free bristles. The shiny metal handle provides the ideal balance for a professional use.
Neogothic Collection, the darkest side of beauty. A fantasy tale unfolding through rare and enigmatic shades. Prophecies, symbols, spells… Magic is in the eye of the beholder.
Psicotropical Collection Psico + Tropical. Evadere con tutti i sensi… Una collezione che esplora il potere psichedelico del colore. Psicotropical è uno stato mentale, è l’urgenza di cambiare orizzonte, di sintonizzarsi su vibrazioni limpide, tonalità estreme, contrasti floreali. Perdersi per qualche istante, o per un’estate intera…
Grungelic Collection An icon from an alternative past. Grunge + Angelic. A soft rebellion, a precious confusion. Tomorrow’s on hold. It’s complicated. It’s Grungelic. The new collection by Neve Cosmetics, eight brand new colors to turn makeup into an act of beauty revolt.
Drama Empire Collection Among lights, shadows, diamonds and scandals, the power of the image reveals itself in its full intensity. The new collection by Neve Cosmetics is a tribute to Hollywood beauty icons. Drama Empire is a contemporary reinterpretation of the charm of the ‘40s divas: a triumph of porcelain skin and flaming, ultra-defined lips. The Drama Empire collection consists of new Pastello lipsticks, coming in six different diva red shades, and the new Drama Matte compact powder, giving the skin that extreme matte and velvety finish both in real life and on the big screen.
Crystal Flawless Brushes Eight new brushes by Neve Cosmetics, all aimed at delivering a flawless base.Water-clear, liquid-looking yet sturdy handles, ensuring a firm and reliable grip. Ultra-plush, cruelty-free bristles. Perfectly balanced shapes, maximum versatility, professional results. Beauty is crystal clear.
Mutation Collection Rarefied atmospheres, a dreamlike future and a computer-generated model: here’s Mutations, the new collection by Neve Cosmetics. A mix of velvety shades and opaque fluorescences. All the colors of Mutations are designed to be mixed and applied on top of each other to create new hybrid tones: the opposite of the classic, the antithesis of the 'already seen'. The collection consists of six Pastello Eyeliner, four Pastello Lipcolor, a limited edition customizable palette, a blush, a highlighter and four single pressed eyeshadows.
Vernissage Private collection. Here come four new Vernissage shades, with their distinctive rich texture. A lipgloss collection inspired by timeless masterpieces. Don’t call them glosses, for they are art made for lips.
Sisters of Pearl The makeup collection made for mermaids. Light creates endless reflections through the waters, shells and corals mirror each other in an ever-moving underwater play. That’s the world of Sister of Pearl, the new collection inspired by sea creatures. The six all-over mineral eyeshadows pack iridescent hues, flowing transparencies and shadows from the depths of the sea, while the double lipsticks seduce with their precious shades.