La bellezza dei pennelli vegan

Neve Cosmetics makeup brushes

No animals have suffered to produce our brushes.
We only use 100% vegan and soft synthetic bristles.

Of all colors, of all forms, for all needs, but always with a spectacular design.

Makeup artists adore them for their softness, compactness and versatility. To take care of them just wash their bristles with warm water and mild soap, rinse well and dry in a horizontal position.

Why synthetic?
The uncomfortable truth about "natural" bristles.
In case you didn't know, so-called "natural bristles" on makeup brushes are made from animal hair.
The hair comes from various species of mammals, including domestic species, which are bred intensively for their coat, just like animals are for fur.
This is why we only produce synthetic brushes: beautifully soft, safe bristles and no poor creatures on your conscience!