Come creare un fondotinta liquido partendo dal fondotinta minerale

Create a liquid foundation from a powder foundation

Foundation is one of the most important products to create a perfect base makeup and make your makeup flawless.

On the market there are different types of foundation aimed at satisfying the most disparate needs.

Among the most famous formats we can certainly mention the liquid foundation, like our Creamy Comfort, or the free powder foundation , like our High Coverage made of 100% light mineral powder.

There are cases in which one or the other is more suitable, and the reasons to determine which one is most suited to our skin are affected by many variables.

But there is a substantial difference between the two.

While in fact in the case of the fluid foundation it is impossible to be able to bring it to the state of free powder, the opposite can happen and you can safely transform the mineral foundation into powder ... in fluid foundation! Let's see how and why it could be useful.

How to make liquid foundation mineral.

Mineral foundation powder: because it is so loved

Extremely light, well tolerated even by the most sensitive skins, covering and resistant to sebum and sweat.

There are really many reasons to love mineral foundation and in fact it is one of the most appreciated products in the catalog and we feel we can suggest it without hesitation to those with normal to very oily and / or acneic skin, or to those who it tolerates the presence of make-up on the face.

A modular foundation

The opacity of the mineral foundation is adjustable and changes depending on the state in which it is used.

From dry it can be applied by overturning a bit of foundation in its cap and taking it with a kabuki brush, and then applying it later with the same brush making light rotatory movements on the face.

With this technique you get a light, medium or even high level of coverage, but if you want a truly full coverage and very covering effect, the secret is to use it wet ! Such as? Let's see together what it takes to make it fluid.

The lightness of the High Coverage mineral foundation.


    • A pack of Fixing Mist
    • A High Coverage Mineral Foundation Pack of the color of your complexion
    • A cup
    • A brush

Procedure to create a liquid foundation starting from one in powder

To make your foundation even more opaque and make it clear at a glance of dark circles and discolorations, proceed like this :

      • Take an empty cup
      • Turn some of your mineral foundation inside out, or more shades to mix to create the perfect color for you. The amount of dust to be used altogether could be comparable to that of a teaspoon
      • Sprinkle some Fixing Mist in the cup (start with one or two sprays, and then add a little more depending on how much you want it liquid)
      • Take a thin brush and mix the mixture until you get the right consistency
      • You're done! Your liquid foundation is created and you just have to apply it to your face!

How to make liquid powder foundation, a drive fast.

Video tutorial for creating a liquid foundation