Cioccolato e creme corpo: scopri la linea Gianduiosa!

Chocolate and body creams: discover the Gianduiosa line!

Gianduiosa Cream and Shower are part of the body line designed for all those chocolate lovers who don't give up on taking care of their skin with products from natural and genuine ingredients, such as cocoa butter.

Raise your hand if you know how to resist the temptation of a delicious Gianduia chocolate: we bet, few of you. Even here at Neve Cosmetics the gluttony is not lacking, and inspired us for the creation of this tasty Gianduia perfume line , perfect both for treating yourself to a moment of well-being and as a gift idea.

Let's see how this line is made up.

Gianduiosa: butter body cream of cocoa and scent of chocolate

Crema Gianduiosa, the body cream with cocoa butter and hazelnut oil

For the uninitiated, Gianduia is a renowned specialty based on cocoa and hazelnuts from the Turin chocolate-making tradition.

The happy encounter between creamy, moisturizing and protective cocoa butter and delicate elasticizing hazelnut oil is indeed a real treat for the skin too!
Together with the other equally valuable ingredients contained in its 100% formula natural and vegan, cocoa butter and hazelnut oil make Crema Gianduiosa a moisturizing and delicious emulsion but at the same time light and quickly absorbed.
A real pleasure to spread for an elastic, soft, velvety skin to the touch and irresistible like a chocolate!

Gianduiosa cream, the moisturizer with cocoa butter for who loves chocolate!

Gianduiosa shower, the body cleanser with a creamy texture like a chocolate

How to make the moment of cleansing a real moment of pleasure and gluttony? Gianduiosa shower could be the answer to this question.

Unlike the classic detergents, it has a creamy texture that resembles a white chocolate ganache and which leaves a feeling of real hydration on the skin. Sesame oil, cocoa butter, hazelnut oil: a rich recipe for a deliciously soft and delicious skin.

Gianduiosa shower can be used by everyone thanks to its extreme delicacy that pampers even the most dry and stressed skins, thanks to its precious vegetable ingredients and its enveloping scent.

Gianduiosa shower: the delicate shower bath that smells of chocolate

Attention: they are cosmetic products, do not ingest!

Discover Gianduiosa, the line of moisturizer and bath shower for those who love chocolate!