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Duochrome dark tobacco brown with green shimmers.
Magic antique pink duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Warm brown with incredible reflective aqua green shimmers.
Duochrome shade in a cold green pan with golden shimmers.
Dark purple duochrome with pink shimmers and auburn glitters.
Intense petrol blue duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Fuchsia purple duochrome with aqua green shimmers.
Magical black double duochrome eyeshadow with green/ violet shimmers.
Cold brown duochrome with lilac shimmers and a satin finish.
Pale cerulean blue duochrome with light green shimmers.
Intense yellow duochrome with lime green shimmers.
Golden brown bordeaux with orange and acid green shimmers.
7,90 €
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Lilac duochrome with sparkling golden yellow shimmers.
Intense golden coral pink.
Ochre yellow duochrome with pink shimmers.
Black duochrome with electric blue shimmers.
Intense warm coppery duochrome with a pink glow.
Pale brown with a green base and coral pink shimmers.
Intense grey duochrome with bronze satin sheen.
6,90 €
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Warm yellow glittery mineral shade with salmon pink interferences. 
Crystal with golden shimmers of sunlight.
Transparent ice with azure-blue shimmers: cold, glittering light.
Transparent crystals with vibrant fuchsia pink shimmers.
7,90 €
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Sold out
The new black! Nocturnal grey with coloured reflecting glitters.
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