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Transparent crystals with vibrant fuchsia pink shimmers.
The new black! Nocturnal grey with coloured reflecting glitters.
Rusty brown duochrome with violet shimmers.
Sage green duochrome with lilac shimmers.
Pale salmon pink with pinky shimmers.
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Sold out
Intense, dark indigo violet with pink and orange glitter.
Medium brown eye biopencil with a rosy duochrome shade.
Magical and alluring sparkling olive green with gold shimmers.
Transparent crystals with gold, orange coral and fuchsia reflections.
Transparent sepia black duochrome with turquoise-green shimmer.
Orange duochrome with golden green satin finish.
Dark coral with silver and pink shimmers.
Desaturated magenta with lilac satin.
Transparent highlighter with wisteria-colored shimmers.
Duochrome with clear base and gold, rose and peach highlights.
Duochrome with a hot pink base and neon lavender interferences.
Fuchsia with lilac hues natural gloss.
Duochrome mustard-toned neutral nude gloss with a pink satin sheen.
Plum shade with a subtle beige gold iridescence. 
10 professional duochrome eyeshadows in a customizable palette.
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Khaki-green shimmer with light bronze reflects.
Black duochrome with bright blue shimmer.
Bronze with burgundy undertone, golden shimmer and green glints.
Burnished black to golden bronze duochrome lipstick-gloss.
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