dark colours 

Deepest black with a matte finish. A great classic!
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Magical black double duochrome eyeshadow with green/ violet shimmers.
Deep black eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Very dark neutral brown eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Dark violet eye biopencil with smokey undertones and a satin finish.
Very dark brown eye biopencil with a bronze satiny finish.
Warm grey with violet undertones. To intensify any makeup with style.
Smokey grey-blue. The perfect cold neutral shade.
Deep sea blue with green undertones.
Black duochrome with electric blue shimmers.
Shimmering grape purple.
Chocolate colour with a velvety finish.
Elegant, bronzey army green.
Dense, dark emerald green.
Intense, warm chocolate brown with a matte finish.
Dark purple duochrome with pink shimmers and auburn glitters.
Matte dark imperial red.
Intense grey duochrome with bronze satin sheen.
Brown/dove grey eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Intense, dark indigo violet with pink and orange glitter.
Dark blue eye biopencil with green undertones and sky-blue shimmers. 
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