dark colours 

Purple-grey eyeliner with blue undertone.
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Opaque ruby with beige undertone.
Desaturated deep brown shade with bronze reflects.
Plum shade with a subtle beige gold iridescence. 
Extra dark & deep ultramarine blue.
Creamy black with anthracite gray satin sheen.
Black duochrome with bright blue shimmer.
Burnished black to golden bronze duochrome lipstick-gloss.
Intense sage green with matte finish.
Lightly desaturated rosy marsala red.
Intense and elegant beigy plum.
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Warm and intense red with chocolate undertones.
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Black duochrome with indigo satin.
Deep, dirty, warm purple with brown undertone.
Burnt dark mauve blush. 
Deep cool purple with blue undertone.
Cloudy wine red with blue shimmers. 
Matte warm burgundy brown with contrasting pink and lilac crystals.
Matte smokey black dotted with diamond-colored crystals.
Dark desaturated smokey purple with anthracite undertone.
Cold dark brown with yellow undertones.
Very dark burgundy brown with a warm undertone.
Darkest neutral minimal brown.
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