Rich fuchsia purple with warm undertones.
Dark aubergine purple with warm undertones.
Dark purple duochrome with pink shimmers and auburn glitters.
Black duochrome with electric blue shimmers.
7,90 €
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Lilac duochrome with sparkling golden yellow shimmers.
Dark blue with violet undertones.
Duochrome in a dark cobalt blue pan with pink shimmers.
Delicate lavender purple, looks magnificent on dark eyes.
Fuchsia purple duochrome with aqua green shimmers.
Dark violet eye biopencil with smokey undertones and a satin finish.
Intense, dark indigo violet with pink and orange glitter.
Cold brown duochrome with lilac shimmers and a satin finish.
Warm pinky burgundy with a shimmering finish.
Rusty brown duochrome with violet shimmers.
7,90 €
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Sold out
Intense mauvey pink with cold undertones and a perfectly matte finish.
Lip biopencil, vivid amaranth with an opaque finish.
Dark plum red lip biopencil with an opaque finish.
Brick pink with intense mauve shimmers.
12,90 €
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Cold dark pink with mauve undertones.
11,90 €
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Sold out
Intense and elegant beigy plum.
11,90 €
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Sold out
Intense cold brown with plum undertones and an opaque finish.
Natural color gradient lipliner + lipstick, garnet-coloured beige and dark plum.
Natural color gradient Lipliner + Lipstick, fuchsia amaranth and changing bordeaux.
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