Transparent highlighter with wisteria-colored shimmers.
Evanescent pastel mauve shade.
Warm plum shade with purple red undertone.
Extremely pale opaque lilac.
Light amaranth with purplish undertone.
Warm amaranth shade on a red base.
Purple-grey eyeliner with blue undertone.
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Opaque ruby with beige undertone.
Mineral silver shade with a subtle mauve undertone.
Duochrome with a hot pink base and neon lavender interferences.
Plum shade with a subtle beige gold iridescence. 
Desaturated magenta with lilac satin.
Extra dark & deep ultramarine blue.
6,80 €
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Sold out
Intense bright lilac, matte finish.
Dark & deep flesh pink, intense and enticing.
Deep saturated magenta with a velvety finish, durable on the lips.
Cold dark pink with mauve undertones.
12,90 €
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Intense and elegant beigy plum.
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Rosy mauve with a nude sheen.
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Creamy fuchsia with a blue undertone.
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Deep, dirty, warm purple with brown undertone.
Burnt dark mauve blush. 
Deep cool purple with blue undertone.
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