Come pulire i pennelli da trucco

Looking after your brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes at least once a week is important both for the brushes themselves and for your skin: washing prevents the grease and bacteria that are naturally present on your skin from building up on the bristles.
Neve Cosmetics brushes do not need any special cleansers or treatments; here's how to clean them quickly and easily at home.

Deep cleaning method.
Wet the bristles in room-temperature water. Add a few drops of neutral shampoo or gentle soap and make foam by twisting the bristles round in the palm of your hand. Rinse carefully under running water. Gently squeeze the bristles with a towel and leave to try naturally in the air.

Quick between-washes cleaning method.
Pour a few drops of domestic alcohol onto a clean cloth and wipe the bristles over it gently until they leave no traces of colour, then leave to dry for a few minutes. This last method is perfect for brushes with short bristles (eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebuki...).

It's very unlikely that synthetic bristles loose their shape. If a brush has been left too much longer in the wrong position (for instance upside down) and its bristles hardly get back to their original shape, here is how to make them up. Dampen and then gently squeeze the bristles to remove any excess of water. Then gently rub them over a dry bar of soap. When they are completely covered with soap remould the bristles by pressing them with your fingers until they're back to the original shape. Leave them to dry for some days then rinse with warm water and proceed to normal drying.