LIPPINI decorative lip balm, deliziosi balsami per labbra da baciare!

The Lippini are coming: natural lip balms in a delicious packaging to be discovered!

The Lippini di Neve Cosmetics are delicately colored lip balms that give the lips an experience of color, sensoriality, treatment and protection.

Authentic kisses!

Neve Cosmetics lip balms: one or all four?

They look like small lipsticks, in a delightful retro package that combines shiny gold with a delicate ivory pink. The bullet has the typical cut of vintage lipsticks.

The Lippini recipe is based on cocoa butter, delicate sunflower wax and unsaponifiables of shea butter (the noble part of this precious ingredient with emollient and regenerating properties). This mixture gives rise to a nourishing but light paste, sliding on the lips and never sticky. The Lippini are perfect when looking for a natural result with that extra touch of intensity and a lot of hydration.

Each of the four Lippini is made unique by a specific shade, fragrance and active plant: four finishes, four sensations, four reasons to get kissed!

Roseosée: perfectioning and protective lip balm

Gives the alluring nude tone of healthy lips and the velvety finish of rose buds.

Contains precious rosehip oil known to counteract tissue aging.

Smells of roses in spring, silk sheets, whispered declarations of love.

Butter lips with rose

Lippino labbra Roseoee

Sweetsoleil: lip balm illuminating and softening

How to bring your lips on a tropical island vacation.

Brightens the lips with delicate golden reflections that enhance the volume while the calendula extract helps keep them sweet, soft and bright. Smells like a Caribbean beach, amber and coconut vanilla.

Coconut lip butter

Lippino labbra Candysoft

Candysoft: velvety and softening lip balm

Transparent light, lightness, tasty softness.

Contains apricot oil with emollient and nourishing properties, for lips like velvet. It smells of orange blossoms, sparkling candies, golden fruits and cuddles.

Sweet lip butter

Lippino butter lips Candysoft - NeveCosmetics

Grapedivine: lip balm antiage and reviving

Its transparent red grape color intensifies the natural pigmentation of the lips, highlighting their sensuality. Adding cranberry and grapeseed oil helps the lips preserve a youthful and fleshy appearance while the scent of wild berries makes them a sweet temptation.

Butter lip berries

Lippino butter lips Grapedivine Neve Cosmetics

Kisses are never enough!

Be inspired by the enchanting Lippini perfume like Alyna in this video: