business /class collection


Business/Class collection
Heels clicking on sidewalk tarmac.
The scent of coffee and ambition in the air.
Intelligence hand in hand with creative energy.
Business/Class collection redesigns the nine-to-five look with a selection of lip and eye pencils in easy yet unforgettable shades.
Eyes light up with avant-garde grays, iconic lips set the mood.
Soft contrasts and correcting shades enriched with a spark of innovative frenzy... because elegance should never be boring.



Powerful fluorescent red, proud and indomitable... but also perfectly balanced.
A color that says, "I know what I'm doing. How about you?"
Creamy matte texture.

Medium rosy caramel with dark nutty undertones. The nude that just demands attention. The firm and precise lead contours the lips reshaping them as desired, for that "quick visit to the plastic surgeon" effect.
Elastic matte finish.



Deep satin smoke gray to define the eyes with balance and elegance.
Its undertone, composed of a mix of different colors, can appear green, lilac, or beige depending on the light.

The answer to the question: "I don't know what to wear!".
Warm light gray, extra opaque and blendable, with a super matte finish.
It is a creamy neutral with a warm note that makes it smoother and even more magnetic.

A neutral shade with a champagne undertone, designed to enhance the natural color of the iris (whatever color it is!) by brightening it up.
Extra light chalk gray with a velvety finish.

Business/Class collection debuts September 19th on