Il mascara Occhioni è tornato!

The Occhioni mascara is back!

The first, unforgettable Neve Cosmetics mascara.

His five-sphere pipe cleaner is a legend.

Its dense and creamy formula has transformed thousands of eyelashes.

His name has been echoing for years among the hashtags of the beauty community.

Finally Occhioni is back, more beautiful than ever.

Mascara bio volumizing Eyes - Neve Cosmetics

After months of waiting, Occhioni returns to volumize the eyelashes, pampering them with a completely vegan formula.

Same pack, same brush, same density, same heart ingredients: carnauba wax, sunflower wax, cherry seed oil and vitamin E.

Even better, even more black, even more Occhioni.

The new formula is enriched with argan oil, calendula extract and candelilla wax. The mineral black color is even more intense and magnetic.

If you are looking for a completely natural mascara with an evident volumizing effect, you cannot miss it.

It lasts all day and is easily removed without irritating the eyes, also suitable for those who have the most sensitivity and is looking for an extremely delicate product.

It’s black, it’s back!

Eye before mascara Occhioni Neve Cosmetics

Eye after applying mascara Occhioni Neve Cosmetics

Natural mascara volumizing Eyes - Neve Cosmetics