Ristretto Concealer

Ristretto Concelare by Neve Cosmetics

Ristretto Concealer
super concentrated with coffee oil

Essential to appear fresh and rested, concentrated, and rich in caffeine. It is not espresso, it's... the first Neve Cosmetics liquid concealer!
Coffee seed oil and concentrated mineral pigments in the formula help hide signs of fatigue and stress all day long.
Forget ordinary concealers that require many layers of product: a single drop of Ristretto Concealer is enough to cover both dark circles in an instant, even less is enough for spots and small imperfections.

High coverage and super pigmented, sets perfectly while remaining elastic and comfortable on the skin.

Fragrance-free, made in Italy, and vegan! Contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, coffee oil, and mineral pigments.

Shade range
Seven shades designed to adapt to every undertone: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Rich, and Deep.

Compact and elegant, with a precision applicator to target even the smallest of discolorations.

Dab (do not pull!) a very small amount of Ristretto with a fingertip or a soft brush, until it blends perfectly with the skin. A damp makeup sponge will make an even thinner layer.
Its special formula does not require any setting or baking.

Ristretto has been launched on October 18th on nevecosmetics.it and at authorized retailers.

Ristretto Concelare by Neve Cosmetics