New Glass Glow powder

Flat Perfection Glass Glow Powder

Flat Perfection Glass Glow
Pressed light.

It's a powder. It is an highlighter.
It is the skin at its most pure and bright version.
The transparency of molten glass meets the texture of clouds ...

Glass Glow was born from a surreal idea: to divide the light into a double duochrome reflection, transforming it into a fine, almost creamy translucent powder, then give it the scent of dreams and finally press it into a delicious minimal compact.
Easy? Absolutely not. But that’s what the Neve Cosmetics team does: transform even the most daring visions into precious realities.
And after countless attempts, the result exceeded all expectations!
Glass Glow's satin finish shifts from rose to gold but its fine and transparent texture make the final effect as natural as morning light.

Flat Perfection Glass Glow has an innovative formula which gives the skin a pure and velvety brightness.
It is perfect both for setting makeup and giving a new light to bare skin, over the entire face or just to enhance single features such as forehead, nose, cheekbones and cupid's bow.

Flat Perfection Glass Glow will debut on the June 23rd 2020.


Flat Perfection Glass Glow Powder

Flat Perfection Glass Glow Powder