Idee trucco occhi: ombretto malva e pesca

Tips for eye makeup: how to make a romantic makeup that tastes of spring

At the end of Winter time, when Spring comes, we feel like to forget all those dark and rich shades: black, burgundy and deep browns can be definitely stored in our winter wardrobe.
The days get longer and brighter and also our makeup choices are affected by this lightness and need for brighter and more romantic, delicate colors.
Todays’ makeup proposal will reflect this mood recalling the lovely shades of peach and cherry trees in bloom.

Spring eye make-up: discover the beauty of eye shadows rose and peach!

Spring makeup inspired by cherry blossoms.

List of products:

• Foundation
• Concealer
• Powder
• Manga Brows eyebrow pencil
• Rugiada Makeup mixing medium
• Zucchero Filato mineral eyeshadow
• Charleston mineral eyeshadow
• Chiffon mineral eyeshadow
• Jellyfish mineral eyeshadow
• Smile mineral blush
• Eye brushes for applying and blending products
• Occhioni Mascara
• Liquerizia eye pencil
• Bastet black eyeliner

Spring makeup tips: the mauve and peach makeup!

How to combine mauve and peach eyeshadow

Peach is a warm and sunny color, while mauve is a rather cool shade of pink,with hints of blue and grey.  A very peculiar and sophysticated combination to create an harmonious contrast.

Jellyfish is the fabulous glitter mineral eye shadow with peach and fuchsia crystals.

The spring-feeling makeup step by step

After making the base with foundation, powder and concealer, and contrasting the discoloration caused by possible dark circles or generalized redness, we proceed to the definition of the eyebrows

With a Manga Brows eyebrow pencil, go and fill in your eyebrow arch.

To comb the hairs better and make sure they don't move and the eyebrows don't "wear out" during the day, we suggest you fix them by passing the Brow Model brush. Its wax-based formulation will help to preserve the intact shape of the arch for as long as possible.

Mauve pink mineral eyeshadow : the beautiful Chiffon by Neve Cosmetics

Then proceed as follows:

  • Take Charleston mineral eyeshadow and, with a small blending brush with tapered tip, apply it along the entire crease of the eye.
  • At this point take a pinch of Smile pigment and Jellyfish. Mix these pigments adding a few drops of Rugiada mixing medium to make the powders more fluid. Apply the wet eye shadow mix over the entire eyelid and also under the lower eyelash rim.
  • At this point, switch to the application of Chiffon, the mauve pink. In this case, apply the pigment dry, helping yourself with a flat precision brush, starting from the inner corner of the eye and blending it towards the eyelid with the previously applied eyeshadow.
  • To give an extra quid of light to the makeup, and at your discretion, take the very bright eyeshadow Zucchero Filato and mix it with a drop of Rugiada. Use the liquid pigment to draw a line exactly at the point where the eyelid joins with the crease of the eye to create a sparkling light in the inner corner.
  • Add the Bastet black eyeliner and Occhioni volumizing mascara.
  • Complete the look by applying black eyepencil in the inner rim of the eye.

Detail of the trick peach and mauve eyes.

Smile is the mineral blush peach color that can also be used as an eye shadow!