TUTORIAL come mettere il rossetto in modo perfetto

TUTORIAL: How to put lipstick perfectly and without smudging

Very few cosmetic products make a woman feel beautiful and charming like a perfectly applied lipstick. The endless number of shades available on the market meet every taste and need.

Wether you choose red, fuchsia, pink, or the sensual nuances of burgundy or opt for the most delicate nude shades, you need to follow some tricks to avoid creating unaesthetic smudges and make it last long.

In this beauty tip you will find some useful suggestions!

How to apply lipstick to perfection. Tips and tutorials!

Never rush it

Before getting into the heart of more technical suggestions, we would like to remind you the obvious and indispensable rule to reach our goal: the lipstick should be applied calmly.

Unless you are experienced acrobats, able to apply it even on a moving subway - few people have these super powers - but we know that they exist - we invite you not to try an application in 3 seconds, because lipstick is not compatible with haste and this is the first piece of advice we give you.

Lips to heart with fuchsia or deep pink lipstick!

How to apply lipstick without pencil

Probably the most typical situation. You bought a beautiful lipstick and cannot wait to wear it, but you have not yet bought (or found) a pencil of a similar shade of the lipstick to draw the lip edging. You are therefore afraid of smudging and having to remove it and reapply it until the shape you intended to create is acceptable. 

In this case there are two options:

  • If the lipstick is new , it will certainly have the perfect stick cut and you could probably be able to apply it easily by yourselfself, without other supports.
  • If the lipstick is not new and is now quite worn out, it may be harder to apply it precisely by yourself. In this case the only alternative solution is to use a thin brush suitable for the application of creamy products, like our Green Detail.

Apply the lipstick with the aid of a thin brush.

  • How to apply lipstick on bold lips

    If you have plump lips you can choose to do without corrective makeup and just choose the colors that you like and suit you best, enhancing the natural volume, or you may want to make a slight correction of the edges to make the lips look slightly thinner. 

    In  this case you have to follow this procedure:

    • When applying primer, foundation and powder, make sure to cover the contour of the lips in order to hide their original shape, covering their natural egde.
    • At this point, take a well-sharpened pencil of a color matching the lipstick you have chosen. Now re-draw the contour of your lips about one or two millimeters from the natural edge. Fill in the new shape you have created with your lipstick.
    • Fill in the new shape you have created with your lipstick.

Beauty tip: a lipstick with a matte finish and a medium/dark or dark color, can help to optically reduce the volume of the lips.

How to choose the right lipstick color based on the type of skin .

How to apply lipstick on thin lips

In this case it is necessary to adopt the reverse technique of the one suggested for the correction of very bold lips. The purpose is to make thin lips look more bold and luscious. How? Nothing could be simpler.

Also in this case, apply a light layer of foundation and powder also on the lips, in order to hide the natural shape and "arm yourself" with a well-sharpened pencil.

This time the new shape of the lips will be drawn not towards the inside, but one or two millimeters outside the natural shape of the lips.

Beauty tip: fill your lips with a lipstick with a creamy finish, or even better a highly pigmented gloss with clear and vibrant colors, making the lips look definitely more plump.

The correct way to make the border with the lip pencil.

How to apply red lipstick

The correct procedure to apply red lipstick does not differ from that to be followed for any other color:

  • Draw the contour of the lips with a lip pencil
  • Fill in the lips with the chosen lipstick 

What normally changes is the right lipstick shade for each. To avoid mistakes we suggest you follow your natural colors and the temperature of your complexion.

To avoid mistakes in the selection of the perfect red shade, we suggest you simply follow your natural colors and the temperature of your complexion.

If you are warm-toned and colors like gold, orange, caramel, chocolate brown and bronze are your preferred colors, choose an equally warm shade of red lipstick. For example a nice tomato or poppy red, or a brownish red like our Chocolate Eclaire.

If you are cold-toned, and your colors are blue, purple or petrol green , choose a shade of cold red with a hint of blue, or with a tip of magenta. An excellent choice could be berry tones, reds with a touch of raspberry or black cherry.

Red lipstick, a great timeless classic.

How to make lipstick last longer

If you have planned a long busy day or a wedding, or a ceremony or a date, you will certainly need a long-lasting lipstick.

To make a lipstick last longer, in addition to the choice of a long lasting lipstick (like our Dessert à Lèvres), the secret is basically to apply the lip pencil not only along the edge to draw the shape to be filled in later with the lipstick, but also on the rest of the lips, filling them completely.
If you wish you can apply a second layer of your preferred lipstick.

How to give a lipstick a matte finish

You bought a lipstick without trying it and once at home you noticed that the finish is too creamy for your tastes? Are you a matte lipstick lover?

Don't worry, you can fix this

  • Apply the lipstick that you purchased with the classic method of drawing the edge tof the lips with lip pencil and filling with lipstick
  • Take a sheet of tissue
  • Place the tissue on the lips to completely cover the made-up lips, and make sure it comes into contact with the lipstick
  • Take a fairly large make-up brush and loose powder (for example our face powder Matte Matte )
  • Take some powder and brush it on the tissue where it comes into contact with the lips: it will absorb the oily portion of the lipstick
  • Remove the tissue and voilà: your lipstick is matte now!

A simple and effective method.