Corso Armocromia: il Valore

Armocromia Course: learn the characteristics of Value

In the article dedicated to armocromia we have discovered how each individual reacts to color in a different way, therefore the colors that give to one person rather than another are not the same.

Based on the natural color of people, the face is highlighted, or on the contrary it is penalized by the combination of various colors belonging to a certain chromatic category. The discipline that it occupies is called Armocromia , and is based on the concepts of temperature (cold weather) and value (chiaroscuro), associated with the seasons:





In short, each of us has natural colors that, depending on the value and temperature, reflect the colors found in nature in a given season.

All the secrets of value in armocromia .

But what is value in practice?

Let's find out.

Value in Armocromia

What is the value in armocromia? Here is the explanation.

Blond people with blue eyes instantly recall light, light colors.

So we can talk about clear value .

Like, on the contrary, a dark-eyed brunette has a dark value .

So considering two brunette girls with brown eyes, is it possible to say that they are both dark, with the same degree of value? It is not so simple, because within the same season there can be both the person with a lighter skin tone and the one with a darker skin tone.

Generalizing dark seasons are :

    • Autumn (warm dark)
    • Winter (dark cold)

The clear ones are :

      • Spring (clear and warm)
      • Summer (clear and cold)

We specify that even every single season has its clear value and its dark value, which depends on the shade of skin and hair.

Armocromia, let's discover together the value parameter.

Here are some examples of celebrities (all Deep Autumn) of different values: Paola Cortellesi, Orlando Bloom and Alvaro Soler are of clear value while Jessica Alba Ricky Martin and Denzel Washington have dark values.

All four are "brothers" of the same armochromatic season, but have a different value of skin and hair tones.

A clear example: Jennifer Lopez

To make you understand this concept further, let's take the make-up of the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

Differences between light and dark: yes speaks of the value in armocromia.

Jennifer is a Deep Autumn of dark value, so she needs make-up that respects her dominant.

How beautiful it is with warm caramel-colored tricks and intense lipsticks in harmony with its dark tone and its naturally warm temperature, and how (though still splendid) it appears to be more dull when made up with clear nude lipsticks (and maybe even cold!) that erase the natural contrasts of the face by flattening it a little.

Armocromy is this, it is understanding the main characteristics of a person based on this method and "moving" based on these characteristics.

In the case of Jennifer Lopez just use intense brown lipsticks with a warm flame like Chocolate Eclair for the darker totality, or a nice nude but medium intensity, warm and amber like Creme Caramel for a more harmonious result.

She is always wonderful, and probably many of her makeup choices are designed to highlight the dress she wears or the song she plays more than her natural colors.

Nobody forbids us to do artistic, scenic looks, or to dress and make-up based on mood, but if we want to shine for the occasion, or for ourselves, the trick is to always keep our colors.

In summary: the value may relate to the hue of the skin, the color of the eyes and the complex of the person, or the type of under-layer (which we will see later on).

Article by Giusy de Gori, specialist in armochromatic analysis.

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