Come creare rossetti fai da te con i pigmenti minerali!

How to create beautiful DIY lipsticks with mineral pigments!

The lipsticks are among the most popular cosmetic products ever.

The more shades you buy, the more shades we would like in our beauty case! They are just like cherries and one leads to another.

But ... if it were possible to create beautiful lipsticks , even customizing the colors from time to time, starting from mineral eye shadows ?

Yes, it can be done! Let's find out how and what it serves.

Lipstick created with mineral eyeshadow Compilation


    • A pack of Nectar for creative potion lips
    • Mineral eyeshadows in loose powder
    • A cup
    • A brush

How to create beautiful lipsticks with Nectar for lips.

Create lots of different colored lipsticks with eye shadows

Here we are, here is the procedure to follow to create colored lipsticks: it is very simple and takes only 5 minutes of time.

All you have to do is make the mineral eye shadows you choose liquid, thanks to a specific thickening product for lips.

Here's how:

    • Take an empty cup
    • Turn some of the mineral eyeshadow inside out from which you would like to create a lipstick
    • Add a few drops of Nectar for lips
    • Take a thin brush and mix the mixture until you get the right consistency, adding a few more drops of Nectar for lips if you do not immediately get the consistency you want or adding from time to time some mineral eye shadow if it is too liquid
    • You're done! Your lipstick is created and you just have to apply it.

      Compilation mineral eyeshadow, how to use it to create a lipstick.

      Lipsticks with custom colors

      With this simple technique you can give vent to your creativity and have fun experimenting new nuances based on your mood, taste or in view of some special occasion.

      We can say that there is no limit to the nuances that can be created , it depends solely on how many colors you want to mix and in what proportion.

      A useful suggestion, which will help you to better prepare your lips to make the color adhere, is to make a light scrub before applying.

      Video tutorial for making DIY lipsticks