Come applicare il fondotinta minerale

Mineral Foundation how to

There are various different application methods; choose the one you prefer based on the effect you want to achieve:

Classic Method / quick and mattifying
Pour a small amount of mineral powder into the lid of the jar. Twist a brush (kabuki or flatbuki) round in the product until the bristles have absorbed all the powder. Apply the product to your skin with circular movements, focusing on the areas that need more coverage. Choosing a brush with compact bristles is good for achieving high coverage, whereas soft, sparse bristles give more light-weight, variable coverage.

applicazione fondotinta minerale

Liquid Method / very high coverage
Follow the same process as the Classic Method, but spray Nebbia Fissante or water onto the brush just before applying to product to your skin.
This method gives a similar result to conventional liquid foundation.

Creamy method / hydrating and comfortable
Mix the usual amount of your preferred moisturizer with a pinch of mineral foundation in the palm of your hand. Mix well and apply to your face, massaging gently.
The coverage of the foundation made in this way depends on the amount of powder you use compared to the amount of cream: a small amount of powder will give a light-weight, natural-looking effect, whereas increasing the amount of powder will give you more coverage.

Applicazione fondotinta minerale

Concealer / for small imperfections
Apply the mineral foundation to the imperfections you want to conceal (uneven skin tone, spots, redness) with a small brush with synthetic bristles, and shade the product outwards.

Powder Foundation / perfecting
For a spectacular finish that's very easy to blend, take out some of your favourite mineral powder with a kabuki brush, followed by a small amount of mineral foundation using the same brush so that the two powders mix together on the bristles. Then apply to your skin as normal.
The results is a delicate and variable application that combines the velvety finish of the powder with the evening power of the mineral foundation.