Which color suits me best?

 "Which colours should I choose?" is an almost inevitable question - with so many shades it's almost impossible to choose!
In fact, the only cosmetics you can choose with a really "scientific" method are foundation, powder, and concealer.

Tastes and feeling

When it comes to blushes, eyeshadows, lip colours and bronzers, the most important factor in the choice is without any doubt personal taste: if you like a colour, if it inspires you, if you enjoy even just looking at it, then it definitely deserves a place in your cosmetic routine.
It's therefore advisable not to limit your choice to colours that "ought to suit you", and to follow your heart first and foremost: the most suitable colour is the one that feels like "yours".
Furthermore, most Neve Cosmetics products are multi-purpose: a bronzer that's too dark could turn out to be a fantastic eyeshadow, an eyeshadow could become an illuminator, a blush could turn into a beautiful lipstick.

Something new

Another piece of advice is to not be afraid of change. Makeup is like fashion: it allows us to change, to experiment, and to discover new sides of ourselves every day.
Trying a colour you'd never have considered and discovering it suits you perfectly gives priceless satisfaction!

Having said this, here's a few tips to guide you.

Choosing a Foundation

To look natural, foundation should be the same colour as your skin. Finding the perfect shade is dead easy, you just need to follow the advice given here.

Choosing a Powder

You should choose your powder based on your skin type and the finish, as explained here.

Choosing a Concealer

You should choose your concealer based on the colour of the imperfections you want to cover up: Yellow for purpley shadows under the eyes, Peach for a dull complexion and beigey grey shadows (common on dark complexions), and Green for redness and spots.

Choosing a Blush

Any color of blush can be modulated depending on the effect to be obtained. Colors that appear dark or very bright can be delicate and transparent also on skin clearer when applied in small doses and well shaded.
If you have very fair skin, choosing a blush in a delicate shade (Lotus, Starfish, Emoticon, Bikini, English Rose, Creamy, Delhi, Pink Moon, Maya, Popcorn, Summertime, Urban Fairy, London Mood…) will make it very easy to apply, even if you're only a beginner.
Shimmer (Acrobat, Smile, Venere, Liberty, Summertime…), sparkling (Pink Moon), and satiny (English Rose) colours will help accentuate your cheekbones, bringing out their curve.
Matte blushes (London Mood, Delhi, Sunset, Bombay, Starlet, Jam, Emoticon, Lotus…), on the other hand, have a more natural-looking effect; they give you a healthy look without it seeming like you're wearing makeup.
It's even possible, but by no means necessary, to harmonise your blush with the undertone of your skin by choosing warm colours (Venere, Flame Tree, Bombay, Delhi, Creamy) if you have Mediterranean (Warm) skin, and cold colours (Lotus, Jam, Starlet, Liberty, Acrobat) if you have pink skin (Rose).

Choosing a Bronzer

Maldive e Chocoholic per un effetto opaco, sano e naturale.
California per una doratura rosata e leggerissima.
Seychelles per un'abbronzatura dorata anche sulle pelli medie e scure.
Bahamas e Bikini per dare un tocco di luce tropicale anche alle pelli chiare.
Kalahari per un delicatissimo effetto abbronzato ed un finish opacissimo a prova di caldo estivo.

Choosing an eyeshadow and eye pencil

We'd like to state from the outset that choosing an eyeshadow is a matter of person taste, in which factors such as mood, matching with clothing and accessories, the occasion, and the type of makeup you want to achieve come into play.
Choosing sparkling or shimmer eyeshadows accentuates the shape of your eyes and focuses attention on the eyelid area, whereas matte eyelids have a less vibrant finish and are more suitable for daytime looks.
Following the law of contrasts helps to bring out the colour of your irises when choosing the colour of your eyeshadow or eye pencil.
Pale colours make darker eyes look even darker.
Warm violets bring out green eyes.
Cold colours "warm up" the tone of green and brown eyes through contrast.
Browns make blue and grey eyes stand out.
Dark colours make pale eyes look even paler.
Blues accentuate the amber tone of brown eyes.
Neutral colours go fantastically with any eye colour and are very useful for creating simple yet elegant looks. They also add intensity to your eyes without clashing with the colours of your clothing or lips.
Dark or intense shades are also perfect as eyeliners to accentuate the lash line, whereas pale and luminous colours are great for highlighting the brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes, and for generally making tired, sunken eyes look brighter.