Frequently Asked Questions

Informazioni sui prodotti Neve Cosmetics

Where do Never Cosmetics products come from?

Our cosmetics are all designed and made in Italy.

What guaranties do Neve Cosmetics products come with?

Our products fulfil all legal requirements of the Italian Ministry of Health and comply with Italian and European cosmetics production regulations.

Do Neve Cosmetics products contain nickel?

Nickel is not an ingredient in our cosmetics and the raw materials we use are controlled and comply with the Cosmetic Regulation EU 1223/2009. Having said this, it is almost impossible for any cosmetics company to completely rule out that, at the source, the raw materials do not contain infinitesimal traces (in the order of parts per million).
If you have allergies or particularly sensitive skin, we always advise you to consult your allergist.

Do Neve Cosmetics products contain gluten?

All our products belonging to our Truccominerale  line, Flat Perfection foundations, DeerLash mascara, Gli Arcobaleni eyeshadow pans, Neve Cosmetics Vergissage glosses, Due Baci and Dessert à Lèvres lipsticks, and Pastello eye & lip pencils, do not contain ingredients derived from wheat or other gluten-containing cereals.
Our  “Gianduiosa” and  “Sublime” creams contain olivoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, a vegetal lypoprotein obtained from acylation of fatty acids extracted from olive oil and wheat proteins.
In the presence of allergies or intolerances we suggest to contact your doctor to verify if all the ingredients contained in the products you intend to use are suitable for your specific case.

What is your policy on animal testing?

Neve Cosmetics does not perform or commission tests on animals. We would like to emphasis that the dermocompatibility tests on our cosmetics have always been carried out under medical supervision and exclusively on human volunteers, not on animals.
Further informations on this subject can be found here.

I'm a vegan, can I use your cosmetics?

All our products are vegetarian and vegan, they do not contain any animal ingredient. Even beeswax is not used anymore..

Can I still use your products if I have dermatitis or other medical conditions?

Since our products do not contain petrolatum or silicones, they are generally suitable even for sensitive skin. If you have particular medical conditions such as allergies, intolerances, or other medical conditions, it is always advisable to consult your doctor. We suggest you check with your doctor whether all the ingredients of the products you want to use are suitable in your specific case. You can easily find all the ingredients of our cosmetics online at the bottom of the product information for each item, as well as on the packaging.

How do I choose the colours and textures that would suit me best?

Here is an article that could help explain things.
Don't forget that, theory aside, the most important thing to consider is your personal taste. Which colours do you love? Which textures do you prefer? The Beauty Search function will help you find what you want in seconds.

How do I choose the right foundation?

Here is an article that could help explain things.

Neve Cosmetics mineral makeup line

What does mineral makeup look like?

The loose powders in the mineral makeup range by Neve Cosmetics are contained in special transparent plastic jars that are fitted with sifters and screw-on lids.
We use jars that come in three different sizes: “30g jar ”, “20g jar ”, and “10g jar ”: capable of holding up to 30, 20, and 10 grams of water respectively.

What formats do Neve Cosmetics mineral makeup products come in?

Unless otherwise specified in the product information for each product, mineral makeup products by Neve Cosmetics are sold in the following packaging formats:
-foundations: 8g of mineral powder in a 30 g jar with sifter
-blushes/bronzers/powders/concealers: 4 g of mineral powder in a 20 g jar with sifter
-yeshadows: 2g of mineral powder in a 10 g jar with sifter
-formato mini: 0.7g of mineral powder in a 5 g jar with sifter (on sale only on our official e-store

Different quantities of powder...

The quantity in grams is indicated on each of our cosmetic products. Depending on their ingredients, different mineral powders have very different specific weights. This means that equal volumes of different powders can have very different weights. Powders are inserted into jars by precise calibrated machinery. The quantity may look different from product to product due to the specific weights of the powders, which change depending on their ingredients. The volume may change, but the weight stays the same and is declared on each cosmetic product.

Mineral makeup is "non-comedogenic", what does that mean?

It means that it does not clog skin pores causing blackheads and spots.

Mineral makeup is suitable for dry and/or mature skin?

Mineral makeup is generally suitable for all skin types, to avoid highlighting expression lines (both using mineral or traditional makeup) there are a couple of features in the application: do not exceed the dose, stretch the product and possibly use a fixing product (es. Nebbia Fissante) to ensure long lasting. On dry skin we suggest to use mineral foundation mixed to your face cream to obtain more nutritious texture, maybe apply on already hydrated skin.

Can mineral makeup be used on oily skin?

Mineral foundation is ideal for oily skin thanks to its oil-free formula, which does not contain oils or silicones, leaves skin free to breathe, and above all does not clog pores, providing your face with even coverage and counteracting the unattractive "shiny effect".

Is mineral makeup also suitable for people with skin problems such as rosacea, acne, sensitive skin, or couperose?

Our Truccominerale products line contains minerals only. Our list of ingredients is very short. This is the reason why our products are suitable for most  sensitive skin types. However in the presence of dermal problems, it is advisable to contact  your doctor. The list of ingredients of each of our products  is printed on the product itself  and easily accessible to in the ’product’s description page’ of our website.

Is it possible to create customised glosses with mineral powders?

Absolutely! Just add the desired quantity of mineral powder to a transparent gloss. The more powder you add, the more intense the final shade will be. Be careful, not all pigments are suitable for use on the lips. You can find out if a Neve Cosmetics product is lipsafe by checking that the third character of the article code is an "L".
Product code: VOL-BL039F  -> product is lipsafe
Product code: VO-BL037F -> product is not lipsafe

Is it possible to create customised nail varnish with mineral pigments?

Absolutely! Pour a small amount of mineral powder into a bottle of transparent nail varnish, put the lid on, and shake well. Repeat until you achieve the desired intensity. In general, any good quality transparent nail varnish works well for this. The best are the ones contain metallic spheres to remix the mixture if the pigment accumulates on the bottom. You can mix different colours to create unique and personal shades: the combinations are endless.

Neve Cosmetics makeup brushes

What does "cruelty-free brush" mean?

If you didn't know, so-called "natural bristles" on makeup brushes are made from animal hair. The hair comes from various species of mammals, including domestic species, which are bred intensively for their coat, just like animals are for fur. We believe we have an ethical duty to use a cruelty-free alternative. This is why we only produce synthetic professional brushes: beautifully soft, safe bristles and no poor creature on your conscience! For further information, please see this page.

How should I look after my makeup brushes?

Our brushes do not need any special cleansers or treatments; here's how to clean them quickly and easily at home.


Can I use Eterea / Sublime / Esotica cream instead of my usual sunscreen?

Eterea, Sublime and Esotica creams are moisturising face creams, not sunscreens.
We have chosen to enrich them not only with various active plant ingredients, but also with two sun filters because we believe this is the best way to prevent skin ageing. In fact, they provide continuous daily protection (that is, every day, not just in the summer), filtering UVA and UVB rays and significantly reducing photo-induced skin ageing. In practice: the best way to combat wrinkles is to stop them forming in the first place by using light but constant protection. Because these creams provide low-level, everyday protection (SPF 6), they cannot replace suitable sunscreen. It is therefore important to always apply specific sun protection products before prolonged and intense sun exposure (beach, mountain glare, etc.).