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Ultra-matte light ivory eyeliner.
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Light beige with hazel undertone.
Mineral silver shade with a subtle mauve undertone.
Duochrome with clear base and gold, rose and peach highlights.
Duochrome with a hot pink base and neon lavender interferences.
Delicate milky shade with a matte finish.
Nude peach shade with beige undertone.
Duochrome mustard-toned neutral nude gloss with a pink satin sheen.
Light canary yellow, matte, impalpable finish.
Khaki-green shimmer with light bronze reflects.
Warm & deep light beige with amber undertone.
Mauve pink, fluffy like a cloud.
Chewing-gum pink with a milky and smooth finish gloss.
Intense matte dark yellow ocher.
Cold pink beige, velvety finish. 
Transparent duochrome with golden green shimmer crystals. 
Warm dusty rose with pearly reflections. 
Pearly medium pink with light mauve highlights. 
Pink biscuit nude with caramel undertones.
12,90 €
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Sold out
Cold, pink nude. A sweet, delicate, and natural shade.
12,90 €
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Transparent rose gloss with a thousand golden shimmers.
The clearest shimmer platinum.
Bubbly periwinkle blue with silver white shimmers.
Light hazelnut beige pressed eyeshadow with dusty rose shimmers. 
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