light colours 

Matte pale flamingo pink.
Warm pink duochrome with fuchsia shimmers.
Completely matte old rose.
Delicate lavender purple, looks magnificent on dark eyes.
Intense mauvey pink with cold undertones and a perfectly matte finish.
Cold, delicate neutral pink lip biopencil with a matte finish.
A pinky medium shade with light coral undertones.
Splendidly sparkling ivory white with shimmers of sunlight.
Very pale opaque mauve with a golden pink satin sheen.
Lilac duochrome with sparkling golden yellow shimmers.
Sage green duochrome with lilac shimmers.
Pastel blue with cold undertones.
Very pale luminous turquoise.
Magic antique pink duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Sophisticated and luminous shimmering cold gold/beige.
Transparent ice with azure-blue shimmers: cold, glittering light.
Green corrector that neutralises redness and spots.
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Transparent crystal powder with exotic lime green shimmers.
Pale cerulean blue duochrome with light green shimmers.
Pale platinum lime green.
Intense yellow duochrome with lime green shimmers.
Ochre yellow duochrome with pink shimmers.
The magic powder that hides shadows and dark circles under the eyes.
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For a complexion as fresh as a peach!
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