Burnished black to golden bronze duochrome lipstick-gloss.
Warm mustard brown eyeliner with an absolute matte finish.
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Intense matte dark yellow ocher.
Transparent rose gloss with a thousand golden shimmers.
The clearest shimmer platinum.
Tobacco brown pressed eyeshadow with duochrome brass shimmers. 
Cognac orange-colored highlighter with light coral pink shimmers.
Shimmery amber gold with brass undertone.
Light muted mustard yellow with green-gold duochrome crystals.
Velvet-satin blur finish with an ivory undertone.
15,90 €
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Satin highlighter with a luminous gold shimmer.
15,90 €
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Blend of gold and silver, with bright silver reflections and deep beige/gold undertone.
Bright gold with an intense honey colored base and incandescent reflections.
Bronze with warm green undertones and antique gold reflections.
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