Vivid taxi yellow with a matte finish.
Intense yellow duochrome with lime green shimmers.
Duochrome shade in a cold green pan with golden shimmers.
Splendidly sparkling ivory white with shimmers of sunlight.
Warm yellow glittery mineral shade with salmon pink interferences. 
Shimmering, luminous gold with amber undertones.
Shiny coppery bronze eye biopencil.
Extremely pale butter-colour with a satin sheen.
Cream-coloured illuminating powder with a satin sheen.
Ochre yellow duochrome with pink shimmers.
Transparent golden white with a soft satin finish.
Crystal with golden shimmers of sunlight.
Luminous and delicate very pale beige with a satiny texture.
Lilac duochrome with sparkling golden yellow shimmers.
Completely matte bright acid green.
The magic powder that hides shadows and dark circles under the eyes.
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Golden nude eyeliner.
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Nude peach shade with beige undertone.
Light canary yellow, matte, impalpable finish.
Khaki-green shimmer with light bronze reflects.
Bronze with burgundy undertone, golden shimmer and green glints.
Burnished black to golden bronze duochrome lipstick-gloss.
Intense matte dark yellow ocher.
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