Bright matte orangey red. Perfect for "heating up" dull colours.
Ochre yellow duochrome with pink shimmers.
Peachy pink with satin sheen eyeshadow, perfect for eyes and cheeks.
For a complexion as fresh as a peach!
12,90 €
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Intense copper with a sparkling finish.
Intense golden coral pink.
Intense warm coppery duochrome with a pink glow.
Warm velvety peach with hazel undertones.
12,90 €
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Bright, coral red lip biopencil with an opaque finish.
7,90 €
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Sold out
Delicate, amazingly blendable matte apricot pink.
12,90 €
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Bright red with coppery undertones and strawberry red shimmers.
A blush in the colour of summer! Sensual multi-purpose bronzey pink.
12,90 €
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Shiny coppery bronze eye biopencil.
Intense watermelon red with a velvety finish.
Pale salmon pink with pinky shimmers.
Warm yellow glittery mineral shade with salmon pink interferences. 
Shimmering, luminous gold with amber undertones.
Pink brown with coppery shimmers, brings out any eye colour.
Transparent crystals with gold, orange coral and fuchsia reflections.
Natural color gradient Lipliner + Lipstick, pearly peach + sand nude.
Transparent coral red natural gloss.
Mysterious pinkish rust brown.
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