Bright matte orangey red. Perfect for "heating up" dull colours.
Intense watermelon red with a velvety finish.
Elegant bright fuchsia with a satin sheen.
Matte dark imperial red.
Intense warm coppery duochrome with a pink glow.
Intense copper with a sparkling finish.
Bright red with coppery undertones and strawberry red shimmers.
Bright, coral red lip biopencil with an opaque finish.
Intense crimson red lip biopencil with a velvet finish.
A natural but also passionate pink to get just-bitten lips.
Color gradient Lipliner+Lipstick flame red and tropical orange.
Color gradient Lipliner + Lipstick, dark geranium to neon coral pink.
Natural color gradient lipliner + lipstick, deep crimson and ruby red.
Color gradient lipliner + lipstick, cocoa pink and dusty brown.
Natural color gradient Lipliner + Lipstick, strawberry red to fuchsia.
Exotic coral bright pink with a fuchsia satin finish.
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Warm pinky transparent shade with red undertones and fuchsia shimmers.
12,90 €
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Sold out
Intense, warm chocolate brown with a matte finish.
Warm pinky burgundy with a shimmering finish.
Pink brown with coppery shimmers, brings out any eye colour.
Natural cheek color in an intense cerise rose shade.
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Natural cheek color in a watermelon rose shade.
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Natural cheek color in a deep coral rose shade.
10,90 €
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Dark coral with silver and pink shimmers.
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