Intense cold brown with plum undertones and an opaque finish.
Neutral cold brown with a perfectly matte finish.
Pink brown with coppery shimmers, a shade that brings out any eye colour.
7,90 €
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Sold out
Pale brown with a green base and coral pink shimmers.
Chocolate colour with a velvety finish.
Pale hazelnut with a satin sheen.
Cold brown duochrome with lilac shimmers and a satin finish.
Warm brown with incredible reflective aqua green shimmers.
Medium brown with silver shimmers: the classy choice for quick, sophisticated makeup.
Dark beige with gold, pink, and silvery shimmers. Luminous and delightfully delicate.
Intense grey duochrome with bronze satin sheen.
Biscuity pink bronzer with a velvety finish.
Golden brown with bordeaux undertones, orange pixels and acid green interferences.
7,90 €
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Sold out
Beigy pink with mauve undertones and a satin sheen.
5,80 €
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Warm pinky burgundy with a shimmering finish.
Intense, warm chocolate brown with a matte finish.
Shiny coppery bronze eye biopencil.
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