Skincare Test

Discover the perfect face cream for you.

1- You skin is nearly alway:
very dry

2- What you hate about your skin:
the spots
the shiny areas
the couperose
the frequent redness
its tendency to chap
the first wrinkles

3- How old are you?
less than 20
between 20 and 35
more than 35
4- Some days when you look in the mirror you look :

Crema Eterea

Mostly yellow answers
Your oily skin needs relaxation, pampering, and phytic acid to restore its natural balance and combat uneven skin tone. So stop stripping it of oils with harsh products (which only stimulate the production of sebum even more) and treat it to the ultrafine gentleness of Crema Eterea!

Crema Sublime
Mostly purple answers
Your skin has been waiting a long time for a simple, soothing, protective cream to help restore its natural balance. Calendula and limnanthes soothe, calm, and heal, while jojoba oil hydrates by attracting moisture, and shea butter softens and improves skin elasticity...yes, the moisturiser for you is Crema Sublime!

Crema Eterea
Mostly green answers
Your skin deserves a truly special nourishing cocktail: Crema Esotica! Macademia nuts and shea butter deeply nourish skin to improve its elasticity, while the natural antioxidants of acai berries combined with vitamin E combat premature skin ageing.