bright colours 

Light matte aquamarine turquoise.
Extremely pale neon apricot.
Intense tangerine orange.
Intense paprika brown.
Desaturated vintage red.
Intense and creamy strawberry red.
Warm amaranth shade on a red base.
Bright cobalt blue eyeliner.
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Duochrome with a hot pink base and neon lavender interferences.
Deep rosy orange-red with metallic reflects.
Intense satin ruby. Fleshy and inviting!
Desaturated magenta with lilac satin.
Vibrant and intense jungle green, matte finish.
Intense bright lilac, matte finish.
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Sold out
Bright copper with mustard undertone.
Light canary yellow, matte, impalpable finish.
Vibrant light coral pink, matte finish. 
Black duochrome with bright blue shimmer.
Sunset red blush with ruby undertone.
Dark & deep flesh pink, intense and enticing.
Deep saturated magenta with a velvety finish, durable on the lips.
Hot strawberry pink with coral undertone gloss.
Chewing-gum pink with a milky and smooth finish gloss.
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