Bright, pearly with shiny particles.

Splendidly sparkling ivory white with shimmers of sunlight.
Shimmering, luminous gold with amber undertones.
Pink brown with coppery shimmers, brings out any eye colour.
Golden brown bordeaux with orange and acid green shimmers.
Intense yellow duochrome with lime green shimmers.
Intense warm coppery duochrome with a pink glow.
Dark beige with gold, pink,and silvery shimmers.Luminous & delightfull
7,90 €
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Warm brown with incredible reflective aqua green shimmers.
Magical and alluring sparkling olive green with gold shimmers.
Intense, sparkling dark emerald green.
Sophisticated and luminous shimmering cold gold/beige.
Magic antique pink duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Fuchsia purple duochrome with aqua green shimmers.
Dark purple duochrome with pink shimmers and auburn glitters.
Glittering silvery white, a transparent treasure.
Lilac duochrome with sparkling golden yellow shimmers.
Duochrome shade in a cold green pan with golden shimmers.
Pale cerulean blue duochrome with light green shimmers.
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Duochrome dark tobacco brown with green shimmers.
Deep petrol green sparkling with a thousand shimmers.
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