Neve Cosmetics Glossary

Key to the symbols used in the product information.

Cruelty Free

We do not test on animals. We only test our cosmetics on human volunteers (often makeup artists!). Furthermore, none of our products contain animal fats. We are also especially proud of the fact that we only make brushes with no animal bristles.


We use this symbol to indicate all products that are suitable for vegetarian lifestyles: that means no animal ingredients: only exception derivatives such as beeswax or honey.


We use this symbol to indicate all products that are suitable for a both vegetarian and vegan lifestyles: that means no animal ingredients or derivatives such as bees' wax or honey.


All products suitable to be applied to lips: the lipsafe mineral makeup pigments can be used to create your own unique, individual lipsticks and glosses.

Technical terms, ingredients, and definitions so you know what you're putting on your face!

BLUSH: Also known as blusher, this is a pink cosmetic for applying to the cheeks and cheekbones to revitalise and/or illuminate them to give the face a healthy look. In normal cosmetics, it comes in liquid, solid, and creamy forms, but real mineral blush (with no additives or preservatives) comes in the form of lose powder. You only need a very small amount.

CALCIUM ALUMINUM BOROSILICATE: A mineral derived from glass, made from particularly transparent borosilicates of aluminium and calcium with properties similar to skin.

KAOLIN: Mineral clay. This is widely used in cosmetics for its matteness and absorbent and soothing properties.

COMEDOGENIC: Open comedones are the technical name for blackheads. These are small accumulations of keratin and sebum in sebaceous follicles. Comedones form when the follicles and pores are clogged.
Therefore, a substance is comedogenic if it clogs pores and alters the normal process of skin renewal, thus contributing to the appearance of blackheads. Our facial cosmetics only contain non-comedogenic substances.

CONTOURING: A professional makeup technique that allows you to "sculpt" and correct some parts of your face (nose, jaw, cheekbones...) by applying the theory of shadows to your features.

CONCEALER: This is used to cover up imperfections and uneven skin tone (spots, redness, dark shadows under the eyes). Unlike foundation, you only use it in the affected areas.

DUOCHROME: Special shades with two contrasting tones of colour: the base and the shimmers. These colours create a special three-dimensional chromatic effect, playing with your natural features. Discover our duochrome shades.

FERRIC FERROCYANIDE: A dark blue mineral pigment also known as "Prussian blue".

FOUNDATION: A cosmetic used to cover up imperfections on the skin of your face.

IRON OXIDES: Mineral pigments derived from iron oxide. They are particularly resistant to humidity and offer a huge range of shades from black to copper, passing though ochre, Sienna, Venetian red...

JAR: The container our mineral products come in. Usually a cylindrical pot made from recyclable plastic with a screw-on lid and fitted with a sifter.

KABUKI: A soft, thick, dense, gentle brush with a rounded shape. It's perfect for applying mineral foundation in the normal way.

MICA: A sheet mineral that is especially valued for its shine and transparency. Thanks to its amazing reflecting properties, it is used to add a touch of light to compounds; depending on the different types, it can create pearly, sparkling, or satiny effects.

PIGMENTS: A pigment is a substance used to change the colour of a material. The difference between a pigment and a colouring is that pigments do not dissolve either in common solvents such as water or in the substrate to be coloured. Instead they are said to "disperse". Inorganic pigments are coloured substances whose chemical composition does not contain carbon.

SIFTER: The dispenser than some mineral cosmetics containers are fitted with. It consists of a surface with holes in that gives you precise control over how much product comes out, and at the same time prevents the product from becoming contaminated when you use it.

SILICA: Silicon dioxide, or silica, is an inert mineral found naturally in quartz.  All the cells in the connective tissues in the human body, nails, hair, and skin, all contain silica.  Interesting fact: silica is sometimes used as an additive in powdered foods or as a dietary supplement.

SILICONES: These are silicon-based artificial polymers, similar in principle to the famous sealing glue. They are often used in conventional foundation to make the mixture easier to spread by creating a smooth layer over the skin. However, this blocks your pores and doesn't allow your skin to breathe. Dimethicone, cyclomethicone, etc...and nearly all substances ending in "one" are silicones. All Neve Cosmetics products are 100% silicone free.

TIN OXIDE: This is an inorganic mineral derived from refined tin oxide, which is shinier than traditional iron oxides.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Also known as titanium white, it has a very high reflective power and is very opaque. Thanks to its screening properties, it is a main ingredient in sun protection for children and people with sensitive skin.

ULTRAMARINES: Blue mineral pigment. Found in nature in lapis lazuli rocks.

VEGAN: People who follow the vegan lifestyle avoid consuming anything that is derived from exploiting animals. Vegan cosmetic products do not contain animal ingredients (collagen, placenta, gelatine, tallow...) or derivatives such as milk proteins, honey, or bees' wax. Most Neve Cosmetics products are vegan. Click here to discover all of them!