Chocolate Valentine Promo!

Cream + Body wash: that’s amore!

Crema Gianduioisa is no longer single!
She met her soulmate: Doccia Giaunduiosa, the creamy body wash for a deliciously soft and tempting skin. Doccia Gianduiosa is not an ordinary shower soap: smells and feels like a white chocolate ganache that cleanses while leaving a persistent moisturizing feel on the skin. It’s enriched with hazelnut oil, cocoa butter and sesame oil because showering should be a loving treat for the skin.
Match Doccia Gianduiosa with Crema Gianduiosa for a super sweet Valentine’s day.

Sweet body moisturizer with cocoa butter and hazelnut oil.
13,90 €
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A delicate body wash, creamy and sweet like chocolate! 
10,90 €
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Warm and intense red with chocolate undertones.
13,90 €
In Stock
Nude caramel brown with a warm undertone, matte finish.
13,90 €
In Stock
Nude bronze with golden hues natural gloss.
Rosy hazel with subtle mauve undertone.
Creamy and intense rosy cocoa brown.
9,90 €
Sold out
Sold out
Chocolate colour with a velvety finish.
Pale hazelnut with a satin sheen.
Warm beige amber rose biopencil with an opaque finish.
7,90 €
Sold out
Sold out
Shiny coppery bronze eye biopencil.
Medium brown eye biopencil with a rosy duochrome shade.
Warm brown with incredible reflective aqua green shimmers.
Luminous and delicate very pale beige with a satiny texture.
Intense, warm chocolate brown with a matte finish.
Dark beige with gold, pink,and silvery shimmers.Luminous & delightfull
Pink brown with coppery shimmers, brings out any eye colour.
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