Black Bubble, strawberry volume mascara


Black Bubble

Extra black, exaggerated strawberry volume!

Black Bubble is a mascara formulated to “inflate” eyelashes up to their maximum expansion, making them super black and incredibly long but... weightless!

Black Bubble Mascara

The ingredients

Lots of black pigment to emphasize the lashes, cellulose to add volume without weighing them down, jojoba oil and acacia gum to elasticize, myrica fruit wax to give texture and restructuring strawberry seed oil. The formula is vegetarian and vegan, and free of silicones, petrolatum and parabens.

Black Bubble Mascara

The pack

Conical, glossy and ... bubblegum pink! A design made to stand out, just like the lashes after applying Black Bubble! Important detail: the hourglass shaped brush has flexible and multi-directional bristles, to layer the product while gently lifting up the lashes.

Black Bubble Mascara

The result

Black Bubble has a pretty intense volumizing effect, to match even the most dramatic makeup looks.

Black Bubble Mascara