Trucco colorato di ispirazione tropicale

Colorful makeup: makeup ideas for the tropical-inspired summer

When the days get longer and the summer arrives, the desire to leave the evenings at home between sofa and TV increases and opt for outings with friends between fun, lightness, events and aperitifs.

The joy and color of this season are reflected in makeup , which is tinged with cheerful and lively tones.

The beauty case is emptied of dark and winter hues, while eye shadows and bright lipsticks appear on the face that recall the colors of the lush nature of a tropical island.

Here is a tropical inspiration makeup proposal that you can show off at a party, while drinking your favorite cocktail, waiting for the much desired holidays!

Longing for summer and the tropics! Here is the trick inspired by the most exotic islands.

The colorful eye make-up perfect for a Hawaiian party

The trick we propose is to provide eyebrows defined in harmony with the face and eye shadows that blend into a delicate gradient, ranging from the green of the leaves to the yellow of a ripe fruit, with touches of purple in the lower part of the eye and abundant mascara.

On the cheeks instead we have a touch of blush that recreates that beautiful color given by an afternoon in the open air, while the lips light up with beauty thanks to a gloss Vernissage with a thousand flashes between copper and fuchsia.

Follow our tutorial, at the end you will feel ready for a party in Hawaii!

Tropical-inspired makeup! How to enhance the look with the colors of summer.

The products you need to create spectacular colorful makeup

Let's start by listing all the products needed to recreate this makeip:


    • Foundation Star System
    • Concealer Concealer
    • Alabaster Touch Powder
    • A Manga Brows eyebrow pencil
    • Dew for Makeup mixing medium
    • Peace & Love green waffle eyeshadow
    • The yellow mustard eye shadow On the road
    • The lilac Tie-Dye eyeshadow
    • Monday Rose cream blush
    • Eye brushes for applying and blending products
    • Mascara Eyes or Lash Academy
    • The gloss on Life on Mars

How to choose the right eye shadows for a summer make-up.

Swatch of glitter eye shadows from the Sparkling collection 67


Here we are!

The skin is cleansed, you have applied your favorite moisturizer and possibly the BioPrimer to make the make-up last longer, you are in front of the mirror and now you just have to start creating this makeup.

Then proceed by following these steps:

  • Take the Star System foundation and apply it blending from the center of the face to the outside, helping yourself with a brush like the Azalea Merge or with a blender sponge such as our Blending Drop.
  • Once the foundation has been applied and the complexion uniformed, check that no dark circles, redness or imperfections still emerge. In this case proceed with the Concealer concealer in a targeted manner, with a further correction made only for the areas to be perfected and blended with a small brush so that the concealer conforms to the foundation.
  • Fix the base thus created, opacifying it, with a powder. You can choose your favorite, but for a "sun-kissed" effect, which goes well with the mood of this make-up, we particularly recommend the Alabaster Touch compact powder or the Kalahari loose powder (the latter is slightly colored and is a hybrid between a powder and a bronzer).
  • Now that the base is made we can try out eye makeup! In this case it is very simple to make it. Take the green Peace & Love eyeshadow and apply it from the center of your eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, to create a delicate colored tail.
  • Take the yellow mustard "On the road" and apply it this time from the middle of the eyelid to the inner corner of your eye, creating a delicate transition with the green applied previously.
  • Switch to the application of purple at this point and use a thin brush like our Green Details, to bring the color along the entire lower edge of the eye. Just follow your natural rhyme below!
  • Apply abundant mascara
  • Apply a touch of blush, in the case of Blush Garden (which is cream to powder) you can also use only the fingertips to blend it into the cheeks
  • Define your eyebrows with a Manga Brows pencil and, if you wish, fix them with the Brow Model eyebrow mascara, so that they remain perfectly combed until you remove your hair.
  • Dulcis in fundo, make your lips irresistible by applying the wonderful gloss Vernissage in Life on Mars coloring!

If you have reached this point and completed the make-up, you just need to shine with tropical light and enjoy your evening!

The gloss Vernissage in the Life on Mars coloring is a copper with fuchsia reflections that lights the lips of a thousand glows.